The Tasting Table

The Tasting Table 

Friday, August 1st at 4:00:


* Remember, when you purchase any of the featured wines during our tasting events, you will receive a 10% discount or the super-discounted sale price, whichever saves you more!


Great Values from the Indelicato Family


When Gasparé Indelicato immigrated to California from the small village of Campobello in Italy, it was only natural that he would do the one thing he knew he could do better than anything else - grow wine grapes!


He planted those first vines in the spring of 1924, and within a few years winemakers across the country knew of the quality of Gasparé's California grapes.


Their "family farmed" philosophy reflects its unwavering dedication to environmentally sensitive and economically sustainable business practices, while answering the consumer demand for enjoyable, mindfully grown, intelligently vinified wines suitable for every occasion.


Today, we proudly present this tasting of some great values, marketed under the label...


Belle Ambiance Family Vineyards


Belle Ambiance

Manteca, CA


Crafted in a rich, indulgent style perfected over 80 years of winemaking in California, these wines represent a great opportunity in today's hectic world.


The name "Belle Ambiance" refers to a beautiful spot nestled in one of the family's vineyards where many perfect moments have been shared under the shade of an ancient oak tree.


It's the ideal place to relax, watch the sun set and bask in the mood with friends and a glass of wine.  That's the feeling these wines were designed to convey to you.


So we'd like to invite you to taste them with us this Friday evening. Then why not pick up a bottle or two, and find that perfect spot in your own experience, and enjoy a little "Belle Ambiance" for yourself!


Who deserves it more?


2013 Pinot Grigio - $8.99:  Surround yourself with delicate aromas of lemon blossoms, honeysuckle, tropical fruits, white peaches and jasmine flowers. Then savor the luscious flavors of white nectarines, tart lemons and sweet honeydew melon. As Pinot Grigio should be, this medium-bodied wine is crisp and bright, with a tangy and lingering finish.


2012 Chardonnay - $8.99:  Get in the mood with aromas of lemon zest, honeysuckle and hints of toasty oak that are beautifully set off by flavors of citrus, orchard fresh green apples, pears and creamy marshmallows. This medium bodied wine delights with light tannins balanced by good acidity. Enjoy its rich, juicy finish.


2012 Pinot Noir - $8.99:  Lose yourself in the alluring aromas of cherry, plum and cocoa before indulging in the soft, elegant flavors of sweet fruit and toasty oak as they dance across your palate. From the soft tannins to the balanced acidity and clean, fruit-filled finish, this enchanting wine expertly captures the essence of everything that makes Pinot Noir so irresistible.


2012 Red Wine - $8.99:  Bask in enticing aromas of black cherries, plums, toasty oak, spices and vanilla. Then discover indulgent flavors of rich dark fruits, spice and cocoa lifted by a touch of sweetness. This full-bodied wine is a blend of Zinfandel, Merlot, Syrah and Malbec that delivers big tannins, balanced acidity and a lingering, juicy finish.


2012 Cabernet Sauvignon - $8.99:  Take in tantalizing aromas of blackberries and a bit of country lane bramble along with hints of cedar and vanilla before plunging into flavors of ripe plums and black cherries beautifully highlighted with a hint of cedar and spice. This medium-bodied wine is jammy and juicy, with plush, velvety tannins.


Belle Ambiance Wines



Also this Friday, from 5-8 PM:


It's WOLO Time! 


WOLO Food Truck


 Food trucks are sweeping the nation, and WOLO - short for "We Only Live Once" - is one of the very first in Harford County! And here they come to Wine World this Friday evening.


For those unfamiliar with a food truck, it is essentially a fully functional restaurant kitchen on wheels. They're as different from those old construction site "Roach Coaches" as fast food drive-thru's are from open air bistro's.


There's just no comparison!


Modern day food trucks serve restaurant quality food, changing locations from day to day to reach a broad spectrum of people.


While most focus on a particular type of food - BBQ, Chinese, Italian - WOLO has chosen to NOT be cuisine specific! Why limit themselves? 


This way their food literally has no limits!


They are also very plugged in to social media networking - WOLO tweets out daily notices to give their followers real time updates on where to find them!


(They also maintain their web site, a Blog and a Facebook presence!)


These guys promise to "work our butts off to make this the most entertaining food truck anywhere!"


Offering a fully functional gourmet kitchen on wheels, not only will you "Eat Great Food", but you will enjoy the most entertaining food truck on earth... "Food that Rocks"!


And for sure, they know a thing or two about creating great food... that's because they too love to eat! You will have to come check it out to taste and listen for yourself!


That's where Elizabeth is making it easy for you!


These guys are headed to Wine World this Friday evening from 5:00 until 8:00, and they're planning to have a blast creating the "We Only Live Once" experience for you!


WOLO Food Truck and Catering


WOLO Food Truck and Catering!



This Saturday, Starting at 1:00:


Ready for some Frozen Refreshment?


The "Dog Days" of summer are finally upon us, and Wine World has the answer!  Today get a taste of the frozen goodness that is...


Surf Side Cocktails  


Surf Side Cocktails

Auburndale, FL


These "Ready-to-Drink" refreshers can stay in your freezer until you're ready for some ice cold refreshment.


Just take 'em, shake 'em, and squeeze 'em out! The soft plastic bottle makes it quick and easy, and the alcohol is already mixed in so all you do is freeze and serve!


Drop by Wine World this Saturday, and have a taste of these amazing pre-mixed cocktails with us. They'll chase those "Dog Days" away!


Frozen Lemonade - $1.99/12 oz bottle:  The number 1 summertime refresher of all time has got to be lemonade - it's a time-honored tradition! But now, you can update that old time taste with Surf Side Frozen Lemonade! Try it on a scorching hot afternoon!


Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri - $1.99/12 oz:  The flavor of strawberries and lime all blended with ice is certainly cool and tasty, but Surf Side's version lets you skip the blender! Just take off the cap and squeeze it into your glass! We recommend freezing the glass too! Hey, why not!


Frozen Margarita - $1.99/12 oz:  Tacos... burritos... fajitas... you don't need them to enjoy a great tasting Frozen Margarita. Just reach into the freezer whenever you're ready, and squeeze out a Surf Side Frozen Margarita to get that sweet citrusy lime taste you're craving! It's too hot to cook!


Frozen Kiwi Strawberry - $1.99/12 oz:  The New Zealand national fruit never tasted better than when mixed with ripe juicy strawberries... at least until Surf Side worked their magic!  Be careful with this one - you'll drink it so fast you might get a brain freeze!


Frozen Mojito - $1.99/12 oz:  Hot Caribbean nights inspired the first Mojito with its sweetness and citrus mixed with minty fresh flavors. But there's no need to pack your bags for the islands because now Surf Side Cocktails brings the islands to you with their delicious Frozen Mojito! Its sensual sensations will fill you with delight!


Surf Side Frozen Cocktails  


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