The Tasting Table

The Tasting Table

Wine World is proud to be the only major beverage store in our area to afford you the opportunity to sample several of our products before you make your purchases each week.

We invite you to take advantage of these free tasting opportunities so you may learn about new products, discover how your taste buds will react to the experiences, and to develop new favorites.

The following is this week's tasting schedule.


Friday, January 30th at 4:00:


Special Event!


The Bourbon Bar is Coming!


It will be bringing you the great tasting Bourbons of...


Jim Beam Distilling


Jim Beam Distilling

Clermont, KY


The mobile Jim Beam Bourbon Bar is on its way to Wine World!


Members of the travelling Beam Team will set up their itinerant Bourbon Bar just inside our doors to welcome you with some great tasting whiskeys from their ever-expanding portfolio of premium spirits.


They will lead you through a proper bourbon tasting experience featuring their newest release, "Jacob's Ghost", which is a return to their base origins, as well as a surprising cinnamon flavored bourbon they call "Kentucky Fire", and closing with the famous "Devil's Cut".


You will learn all about the whiskeys and how they are made and aged, as well as a bit of the history and heritage of the Jim Beam Bourbon family.


Jim Beam Bourbon Bar


We believe this special event will be a lot of fun, and we know you're going to enjoy the whiskeys and the overall experience! 


It all starts Friday at 4PM, so make it a point to join us!


Jim Beam "Jacob's Ghost" White Whiskey - 19.99:  In the early 18th Century, Jacob Beam - the company's founder and original distiller - started producing "white whiskey". Now more than 200 years later, his recipe has been dusted off and perfected to give you a taste of Beam's very first product! Bottled at 80 proof, it is lighter than traditional whiskey, and offers more flavor than other clear spirits. Jacob's Ghost will liven up any cocktail!


Jim Beam "Kentucky Fire" - 15.99:  Some like it hot, so for them we present this real Kentucky Bourbon with a blast of fiery cinnamon from the inspired distillers at Jim Beam! The nose will remind you of the fireball candies we all enjoyed as kids. But wrapping that sweet cinnamon character in a base of pure Jim Beam whiskey goodness tells you it's not for the kiddies!


Its more subtle aromas include vanilla, caramel, and light oak, and the taste follows the nose almost exactly with solid candied cinnamon spice. The spice level, balanced with the underlining sweetness, and addition of subtle whiskey notes all work together to make Kentucky Fire a 70-proof knockout!


Jim Beam "Devil's Cut" - 22.99:  You've heard about the "Angel's Share" I'm sure - that portion of the spirit lost to evaporation during the aging process. After the angels have had their share, and the barrels have been emptied for bottling, there's still a bit of residual Bourbon locked within the barrel's wooden walls. That's the "Devil's Cut"!


The good folks at Jim Beam have come up with a way to extract this rich whiskey and hold it until it develops the proper balance of bourbon notes. Then they blend it with 6 year old Jim Beam Bourbon to produce a robust, premium bourbon with deep color, aroma and character. It's a 90 proof dance with the Devil!


Jim Beam Trio  


This Saturday, Starting at 1:00:


* Remember, when you purchase any of the featured wines during our tasting events, you will receive a 10% discount or the super-discounted sale price, whichever saves you more!


Mosel Riesling!




Get ready for a taste of Germany's Mosel region with the lovely wines of...


Leonard Kreusch 


Leonard Kreusch Wines

Trier/Mosel, Germany
The Mosel River snakes through the northwest of Germany past very steep hillsides that are literally covered with vineyards, and dotted by the occasional storybook castle!  
It is a picturesque landscape with a relaxed pace where time seems to stand still... at least until harvest time!
That's when the entire valley comes to life. You can only imagine the task of the vineyard workers trying to reap all of those grapes on inclines up to 65 degrees, hundreds of feet above the valley floor!
Riesling is perhaps the most versatile grape in the world! Its taste truly changes depending on the area where it is grown as well as the soil, climate, and degree of ripeness.
Because of the northerly location, the Riesling wines from Mosel are often lighter, lower in alcohol, very crisp and high in acidity, and often display more "flowery" rather than "fruity" aromas.
This evening we'd like to offer you 4 versions of the same grape where some of these aspects vary slightly between one another, and allow you to experience the vastness of the differences between them!
It should be a lot of fun, and we hope you are able to identify the specific version of Riesling that you prefer most!


2013 Zeller Schwarze Katz - 9.99:  The "black cat" from the Mosel river region! Crisp, yet fruity, with hints of citrus and melon. Delicious chilled with all light meat and fish dishes.
2012 Mosel Riesling - 10.99/750 ml, 18.99/1.5L:  Deliciously crisp and fresh, the "Blue Bottle" Mosel Riesling offers moderate intensity with fresh flavors of green apple, fruity pear and hints of grapefruit.  There's nice balance and a pleasant sweetness with a touch of mineral in the finish.
2012 Piesporter Michelsberg - 9.99:  The Michelsberg designation identifies wines made from grapes grown on the steep riverbank vineyards upstream from the small town of Piesport. This wine is crisp, with fresh citrus and apple flavors. It goes well with lighter fare or on its own as an aperitif.


2012 Piesporter Michelsberg Riesling Spätlese - 11.99:  Spätlese (SHPATE-lay-zuh) is made from grapes that have been allowed extra "hang time" to more fully develop the sugars! This wine defines the perfect balance between crisp acidity and ripe Riesling fruit with a slightly sweeter nature. Lovely!


Mosel Wines by Leonard Kreusch  


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