The Tasting Table

The Tasting Table 

Friday, September 19th at 4:00:


* Remember, when you purchase any of the featured wines during our tasting events, you will receive a 10% discount or the super-discounted sale price, whichever saves you more!


Challenge Accepted!


See what happens when someone throws down the gauntlet to our friend Dave from...


Opici Family Distributing


Opici Family Distributing

Glen Rock, NJ


Last month we asked Dave to show us his best in the "Under $20" range.  He wowed us! So much so that one of our staff bet him he couldn't do it again in a tasting of wines for under $15!


Dave has a way of making these guys eat their words, and tonight you get to enjoy the fruits of that challenge!


Since Opici Wines has a portfolio of close to 50 brands from the USA and around the world to choose from, Dave knows they have wines for every taste and budget - even in the under $15 category.


Every wine in this collection embodies their tradition of delivering top quality at an excellent value to the consumer!


Come see us this Friday... you won't believe what Dave has up his sleeve for under $15! 


2012 Bread & Butter Chardonnay - $14.99:  This rich, deep golden yellow Napa wine opens with a combination of bright tropical and citrus fruits. Notes of cream and dough begin to rise followed by floral and oak aromas. The palate offers wonderful flavors of apricot, lemon zest, papaya, banana, and honeysuckle mellowing to a buttery vanilla character to soften the fruit. 100% malolactic conversion provides the lush richness making this wine both refreshing and decadent.


2012 Julia James Pinot Noir - $14.99:  This lovely Central Valley offering is full of red fruit and spice, perfectly showcasing Pinot Noir's signature silky texture and food-friendliness. Ripe red raspberry and cherry fruit meld with earth and spice notes lended from a 15% inclusion of Syrah. The acidity in this medium-bodied wine is balanced and the fine tannins are ripe, yielding a long, smooth finish.


2012 Carpineto "Dogajolo" Toscano - $12.99:  The term "Super Tuscan" seems to be overused, but it is an apt descriptor for this 80/20 blend of Sangiovese and Cabernet from an area between Florence and Siena, Italy! The nose is fruity with hints of cherry, coffee, vanilla and spice. It is full and soft on the palate with complex and well-developed flavors and tannins, and the taste is, well, super! Come give it a try!


2011 Auspicion Cabernet Sauvignon - $12.99:  A classic North Coast Cabernet in structure and flavor, this wine is loaded with juicy black fruit and ripe berries, balanced by silky tannins and rich, concentrated fruit flavors. The lingering finish is accented by touches of chocolate, toffee, and vanilla. Full bodied and complex!


Opici Wines  



This Saturday, Starting at 1:00:




Award Winning Local Wines!


Today, Wine World would like to introduce you to some amazing Maryland wines made by...


Big Cork Vineyards  


Big Cork Vineyards

Pleasant Valley, MD


When a young Randy Thompson worked the rolling expanse of crops and the rows of corn and hay that once dotted his family farm, he would envisioned a vineyard with a grand winery and tasting room.


Years later, in 2011 his dreams would be realized on 24 luscious acres of Pleasant Valley, MD! Working with local winemaker Dave Collins, he broke ground and planted 13 varietals. Where encampments of Union and Confederate troops once mustered during the Civil War, bountiful fruit now grows.


In its short life thus far, "BCV" has sought to inspire and captivate the local wine community by producing standout wines with a palpable "joie de vivre". Their wines have scored high and brought home medals from competitions near and far, and today, Big Cork Vineyards is the second largest vineyard in Washington County!


This Saturday, Wine World invites you to try these wonderful local wines with us.  Slow down, grab a glass and celebrate the best things in life - great wine, music, laughter, love and beauty.


Just remember, it all starts with the wine!


2012 Vidal Blanc - $16.99:  This highly aromatic semi-dry wine is suggestive of peach and nectarine. It's crisp with a slight citrus impression that is well balanced by natural sweetness making it the perfect pick-me-up at the end of the day!


2012 Chardonnay - $21.99:  This Gold Medalist at the 2013 Governor's Cup presents notes of crisp Anjou apples, vanilla and a hint of melon. A combination of stainless steel and French oak barrel fermentation blends citrus flavors with a buttery tone, making this one a great mealtime selection!


2013 "Russian Kiss" White Blend - $21.99:  Russian varietals, blended with Muscat Canelli, form a mouth-watering embrace. Fall in love with its strong floral notes and impressions of tangy kiwi and pineapple.


2012 Merlot - $24.99:  A smooth and lush wine blended with 8% Malbec. Intriguing aromas of dark plum and cherry with vibrant, juicy flavors, firm tannins and a lingering finish.


2012 Cabernet Sauvignon - $26.99:  Blended with Cabernet Franc and Malbec, and aged in 100% French oak, this full bodied wine is fully structured with strong impressions of dark fruit with hints of cassis.


2012 Cabernet Franc - $26.99:  This "blending" grape is rarely released as the featured fruit in a bottle of wine, but if you're a fan of big spice notes that do not overpower, this might be just what you're looking for!


Medium-bodied and spicy by nature, and blended with 7% Petit Verdot to add structure and weight, this Cab Franc is a surprise in a glass! It took a Silver Medal in the San Francisco Wine Competition! You knew we saved it for last for a reason! Come give it a try.


Big Cork Wines  


Maryland Winery Association



Also at 1:00:


A New Tequila!


Conceived in the highlands of Jalisco, born from the big breaks of Baja, and handcrafted for those born to rattle the cage...


Peligroso Tequila  


Peligroso Tequila

Jalisco, Mexico


Inspired by the dusty roads and big breaks of Baja, surfers Bruce Beach and Keith Ross decided to distill a spirit that embodied their adventures and the memories they made. Using only the finest agave, grown on private estates, they crafted a high-quality, traditional tequila that could stand up to their rugged lifestyle.


Peligroso (Spanish for "dangerous") is an award-winning super-premium Tequila brand made with 100% Blue Weber Agave from the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. The pinas are slow roasted and steamed in authentic brick ovens, then shredded, fermented and distilled in copper and stainless pots before being aged to perfection in oak casks. Exceptionally smooth, it is bottled at 84 proof.


They like to say "Peligroso is a drink for anyone with the good sense to answer when rebellion calls."


Each bottle is corked and numbered by hand, to certify its authenticity. The cork is a three-piece design made up of a natural cork stopper, real stained wood top and antiqued snake charm coin medallion.


Peligroso is the first brand to offer three separate types of glass to further distinguish the unique character of each type of tequila:

Silver - $30.99:  Uses a crystal clear flint glass to reflect the purity of the juice. Its initial bite is a combo of deep, rich roasted agave and enticing heat. The full bodied texture carries subtle hints of spice, white pepper, and lemongrass on the finish.


Reposado - $33.99:  Uses a rustic finished glass to give more of an antiqued look to match the golden aged nature of the juice. It is ged 6-8 months in Tennessee oak barrels where it develops creamy notes of vanilla and caramel, along with orange zest, cocoa, and peppery spices. It's a remarkably easy sipper!


Aņejo - $36.99:  The Aņejo is bottled in a sleek and mysterious satin black glass bottle that alludes to the complex layers and undertones of this tequila aged in new american oak barrels for over one year. With a nice combination of oak, spice, pepper and agave, it's the smoothest of the lot!


They even have a popular cinnamon variant that can compete with flavored spirits in other categories like vodka and whiskey!


"Cinnamon 42" Tequila Liqueur - $21.99:  The world's first 84 proof cinnamon-flavored tequila is infused with 100% pure cinnamon and a blend of secret ingredients, creating a distinct juice with a kick! Warm with a sweet finish, shoot it chilled with an orange slice for the most flavorful tequila shot to ever hit you in the lips.


we're going to taste them all, so join us between 1-4 PM this Saturday! 


Peligroso Tequilas


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