The Tasting Table

The Tasting Table

Wine World is proud to be the only major beverage store in our area to afford you the opportunity to sample several of our products before you make your purchases each week.

We invite you to take advantage of these free tasting opportunities so you may learn about new products, discover how your taste buds will react to the experiences, and to develop new favorites.

The following is this week's tasting schedule.

Thanksgiving Day:


Special Hours


We know how it can be on a special holiday. No matter how well we plan, there always seems to be a last minute need for something that has suddenly run short!


That's why, once again this year, we will be open with an all-volunteer staff to help you get through any mini-crisis! 


Our doors will be open from...


9 AM until 3 PM


Then we're going to close up for the day to allow our team members to celebrate the holiday with their own families and friends.


So from all of us here at Wine World to each and every one of you, we'd like to say...


Happy Thanksgiving!





Friday, November 28th at 4:00:


* Remember, when you purchase any of the featured wines during our tasting events, you will receive a 10% discount or the super-discounted sale price, whichever saves you more!


South Africa


Out of Africa


 Tonight, another member of our Wine World family, Daniel, will present his first ever tasting!  He has decided to feature some very tasty and affordable wines from Africa!


We'd like to invite you to join him and offer your support as we being with a pair from the "Goats do Roam" label by...


Fairview Wines  


Fairview Wines

 Paarl, South Africa


Fairview is a third generation family-owned farm that values the relationship between those who own and work the vineyards and the very land that provides the raw materials.


South Africa is a country rich in natural resources and biodiversity, and Fairview is committed to sustaining these aspects through their eco-friendly and carbon-neutral approach to winemaking. They proudly wear the "Integrity & Sustainability" seal on their labels!


They are also "Fairtrade accredited", promoting fairer trading conditions for their workers, allowing them to invest in a better future for themselves and their communities. The "Goats Do Roam" label is their largest brand, established some 15 years ago, and the wines you will taste today were the first produced from Fairtrade certified grapes!


A percentage of the funds generated from the sale of these wines return to various community development projects, benefitting upwards of 450 people. So not only are these wines tasty and affordable, they also have a social conscience!


The name, aside from being a clever pun on the Cotes du Rhone wines from France, was determined when their well established herd of goats escaped through a gate that was mistakenly left open, and raided the vineyards.  They were immediately drawn to the ripest, best tasting grapes - a natural way of pointing out to the workers where the best grapes could be found!


Those are the blocks that are used in the making of these wines!  We hope you will enjoy them with us this Friday evening.


2013 Goats do Roam White Blend - $8.99:  A light, bright wine with tropical fruit and floral aromas. The delicate tastes of peach and pear appear on the rich palate which is well-balanced with fruit driven freshness and zesty acidity.


2013 Goats do Roam Red Blend - $8.99:  Showing a bright ruby color in the glass, this wine present fresh berry and lavender aromas layered with subtle spicy notes. It is a light to medium bodied wine with young, juicy, berry flavors and fine integrated oak and smooth tannins. A beautifully balanced wine with a soft finish.




Next we check in with another South African favorite...


Van Loveren Vineyards


Van Loveren Family Cellar

Robertson, South Africa


The Van Loveren vineyards have been a family affair since 1937. They base their approach to grape-growing and winemaking on a philosophy of producing only premium quality wine, and maximizing the natural varietal fruit flavors from carefully selected grapes. It must be working because today Van Loveren is South Africa's biggest family-owned winery!


They continue to work tirelessly to provide approachable, quality and great-value South African wines of distinctive character. These wines embody everything that is uniquely and quite proudly South African - generous, full of flavor, fun, accessible and most importantly, enjoyable!

We'd like to invite you to enjoy these wines with us this evening:


2013 Van Loveren "African Java" Pinotage - $13.99:  Made from 100% Pinotage grapes, this wine is aak matured and offers vibrant plum and ripe berry fruit on the palate. The wine has an intense aroma of roasted coffee beans followed by a smokey mocha-java aftertaste.


2013 Van Loveren "Special Late Harvest" Gewurztraminer - $11.99:  A full-bodied, semi-sweet wine with fine rose petals and exotic spices on the palate. The late harvesting allows the sugars to more fully develop, and the wine is left with 50.5 grams/L of residual sugars, which contribute to its opulent, lingering finish.


Out of Africa Wines



Also this Friday:


We're Beamin'!


Be sure to join us this Friday evening because we're going to get Beamin' with some great flavored Bourbons from...


Jim Beam Distilling


Jim Beam Distilling Co

 Clermont, KY


When you're looking for an adventurous new taste in Bourbon, the good folks at Beam are your best bet!


Through a slow infusion process, their distillers start with fine 4-year-old Jim Beam Bourbon and then complement its distinctive taste with other natural flavors. One sip will have you rethinking bourbon!
Join us this Friday evening and have a taste of these great tasting products from the greatest name in Bourbon!


Honey - $15.99/750ml, $25.99/1.75 L:  Jim Beam Bourbon has been infused with real golden honey and liqueur! The result is a smooth new chapter in the Jim Beam legend with complex notes of caramel, oak and vanilla with a rich finish of sweet honey!


Maple - $15.99:  What happens when you infuse the world's finest Bourbon with the rich taste of maple? Tap into a perfect balance of warm aromas with a hint of charred oak complete with a subtle and smooth caramel finish to find out!


Kentucky Fire - $15.99:  Some like it hot, so for them we present real Kentucky Bourbon with a blast of fiery cinnamon from the inspired distillers at Jim Beam!

Flavor Infused Bourbon by Jim Beam  


This Saturday, Starting at 1:00:


Discover the Livermore Valley


Along the California Central Coast, just 30 miles east of the San Francisco Bay, lies one of the oldest wine regions in California.
With its stone laden loamy soils, warm summer days and unique maritime influences, the Livermore Valley AVA has been producing world class wines since the 1880's.
Today, we will taste some vineyard-specific wines that showcase the heritage of the Livermore Valley, made by the region's #1 producer...


Wente Vineyards  


Wente Vineyards

Livermore, CA
With over 125 years experience, Wente is the oldest continuously family owned and operated winery in all of California. It is a dynamic winery that continues to innovate and build on its proud history.
Blending traditional and innovative winemaking practices, the winery draws from approximately 3,000 acres of sustainably farmed Estate vineyards to create an outstanding portfolio of fine wines.
Today we shine our spotlight on their "Vineyard Select" line of wines, exemplifying what can be done with fruit grown in a targeted environment designed to bring out the best of what each grape can offer.
Here's what we'll be tasting:


2011 "Riverbank" Riesling - $11.99:  This Monterey Riesling exhibits aromas of honeysuckle, lychee and grapefruit, with a hint of nutmeg. The taste is crisp and fresh, delivering full, classic Riesling flavors of tropical fruit and citrus. The acid and the semi-sweetness are perfectly balanced for an excellent mouthfeel.


2013 "Morning Fog" Chardonnay - $13.99:  The Livermore Valley, with its diverse alluvial soils consistently creates Chardonnay with beautiful and lingering minerality, which coupled with the natural acidity from the long and cool growing season, creates a beautiful wine. Crisp flavors of green apple and tropical fruit lead the way, balanced by vanilla and a touch of toasty oak from barrel aging. With a mouth-filling body and balanced acidity, this wine delivers a medium-long, refreshing finish.


2009 "Reliz Creek" Pinot Noir - $22.99:  Reliz Creek Pinot Noir comes from the Arroyo Seco region in Monterey, a perfect place for growing this Burgundy varietal because of its long, cool growing season. An elegant wine, this Pinot Noir has rich aromas and flavors of cherry, strawberry and vanilla, with subtleties of toasted oak, earth and cigar box. It is bright with crisp, natural acidity, delicate silky tannins and a long fruity finish.


2011 "Sandstone" Merlot - $13.99:  Sandstone Merlot is a great display of grapes coming from many hillside and valley floor vineyards, each of which give distinct aromatics and structure to the wine. It exhibits aromas and flavors of black cherry, blackberry and plum with hints of toasted oak. A smooth mouthfeel and inviting tannins lead to a long, fruity finish.


2011 "Charles Wetmore" Cabernet Sauvignon - $22.99: A great expression of the Livermore Valley, made from fruit sourced from clay hillside vineyards and others planted on gravelly alluvial fans. They provide firm tannins and ripe fruit characteristics, which coupled with the natural acidity from the long growing season, created this beautiful wine. It offers rich aromas of black cherry, mocha and a subtle hint of vanilla from the oak, which are joined by lush flavors of cherry, chocolate and oak. With balanced acidity and a full-bodied mouthfeel, this wine delivers a bold, long-lasting finish.


Wente Wines  


Then Sunday Morning at 8:00...


Remember to Look for Elizabeth!


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This is going to be fun!


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