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94 Point Wine!




Brenden Scoops the Trades!


When you hear about a wine that has just been awarded 94 points by a publication as prestigious as Wine Enthusiast, most of us who enjoy really good wines get quite interested. 


But many of us are also somewhat guarded because the prices of these wines generally reflect that high quality rating.


However, this is not always the situation!


In the case of the 2011 vintage of "Assobio Tinto", a vibrant red wine from the Douro region of Portugal, it came down to a matter of who got there first! And to Wine World's credit, that person was our own Certified Specialist of Wine, Brenden Bichy!


You see, as our import wine buyer, part of Brenden's job is to taste and evaluate the products that each of our suppliers bring to our door in hopes of having us put them on our shelf to present to you.


I know... it sounds like a really tough job, and somebody's got to do it!


But if you do it correctly, it's really not that easy, and Brenden rejects a lot more wine than he picks up.  His palate is one of the reasons that Wine World's selection is as great as it is.


But we also have to factor in the value aspect as part of the overall evaluation of these wines.


Some time back, Brenden was offered his first taste of Assobio as part of a routine part of his day. I've seen him in action, and when he comes across something that is above the norm, he'll get a certain look on his face...his head tilts a little, and he kind of smiles with his eyes.  If you know what to look for, you can tell he has a really good wine in his hand from across the room!


That's the look he had when he nosed this one, and it only got better when he tasted it. The order was placed immediately.


2011 Esporão "Assobio" Tinto - Produced from the premium grape varieties Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz and Touriga Franca, this wine Assobio Tintoexpresses the vibrant aromatics and flavors of these traditional Douro varieties. It also shows off their potential when properly blended to produce well balanced and well structured wines.


In the glass, it appears a deep ruby color with purple glints along the edges. Its nose is powerful, full of red berry fruits and spice notes, and the elegant palate highlights these fresh fruits on delicate tannins. This seductive red wine is both balanced and complex with a finish that leaves you wanting another taste!


It wasn't until several weeks later that the good folks at Wine Enthusiast were offered a similar opportunity to evaluate this wine. That's when they gave it their 94-point assessment and pronounced it one of the Best Buys of 2014! 


Of course, by this time Brenden's order had already been placed - well before their rating could affect the price! That's why Wine World can offer this wine at the unbelievable price of just $15.99!


If you'd like to pick up a bottle of Assobio at this amazingly low price, you'd better move quickly... it won't last long!


Nice job Brenden! Again!!


This is just one example of what we call the Wine World difference, and we do it every day!


Why Shop Anywhere Else?


Newly Arrived


Brewery Ommegang


"Valar Morghulis"


Ommegang presents the latest in the collaboration series of beers from the hit HBO® series...


Game of Thrones


Through its first four seasons, the critically acclaimed drama has become the biggest show on HBO, and it has just spawned the newest beer in the "Game of Thrones" collaboration between HBO and Brewery Ommegang.


Fans of the show took part of a Facebook poll to determine this beer would be an Abbey Dubbel Ale, and its name would be "Valar Morghulis". In the world of Westeros, this name translates to the foreboding phrase "All men must die."

For its crest of arms, it is perfectly represented by the "two-headed" coin given to Arya Stark by one of the "Faceless Men of Braavos" - legendary assassins with the ability to change their appearances at will.


Valar Morhulis is familiarly presented by Ommegang corked in the 750 ml bottle format, a proffer to its Belgian heritage. As its crown is laid bare, unsheathed from its wire cage, someone in the crowd shouts "Off with his head!"


While it is true in Winterfell that the man who passes the sentence should swing the sword, in this arena the man who made the purchase is entitled to remove the cork!


Valar Morghulis

As he does so, rich aromas of caramel, toffee, ripe fruits and dark candi sugar scorched by dragon fire permeate the atmosphere, taunted by a magical hint of clove... though no actual spice has ever touched the brew.


As it pours out, you notice it possesses a deep chestnut brown color from a carefully crafted mixture of specialty malts. You also notice an amusing paradox:  a persistent and creamy tan head!


The taste is delicately balanced with rich malty sweetness, caramel and just enough bitterness from fiendishly clever additions of Hallertau, Spalt and Apollo hops to balance out its malty backbone, disguising its inner strength of 8% ABV.


A surprisingly dry finish is light on the tongue, which belies the initial aroma. And thus his quest is closed.


Valar Morghulis is available now at Wine World priced at just $10.99/bottle, only while our limited supplies remain. Don't delay, because as you know...


Winter is Coming

Wine World's Got It!



New Arrival from...


Freelance Wines


Freelance Wines  


2011 "Coup de Grâce" Red 


It's a rare thing for someone to hit it out of the park on their first attempt, but it does happen!


Freelance Wines was founded in 2012 by Adam Mettler and Mike Stroh.


A collaboration of two Lodi natives already entrenched in the wine business, Freelance Wines is a first-generation wine company whose goal is producing innovative, world-class wines that bear the mark of the founders - free thinkers looking to impact the world of wine on their own terms!


It sounds as if they are well on their way! Check out this review from The Tasting Panel:


"Fifth-generation Lodi winemaker Adam Mettler joined forces with Lodi native Mike Stroh to found Freelance Wines. Coup de Grace 2011 Red is the first release. A blend of 56% old-vine Zinfandel, 21% Petite Sirah from Lodi and Russian River Valley, 16% Lodi Petit Verdot and 7% Atlas Peak Napa County Cab Franc.


Think of a raid on a blackberry patch:  The fresh juice spilling off the vine in a dizzying delicious array of flavor. Worcestershire, tar and violets play into the fruit notes, making it intriguing to the finish. 92 Points"

- The Tasting Panel


It helps to have had some exposure to the wine industry through generations of family members, and growing up in the Zinfandel capital of the world can't hurt either, but being able to use that wealth of experience so well on your first attempt to stand on your own is a special feat!


Still not convinced?  Check out this review from a slightly better known industry leader:


"Intense and smoky, this is an old-vine Zinfandel blended with Petite Sirah, Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc. Although most of the grapes come from Lodi, smaller amounts hail from the Russian River Valley and Atlas Peak. Thick-walled and burly in licorice, earth and black and red berry fruit, it offers substantial texture and length. Not a wine for the meek."

- Virginie Boone, Wine Enthusiast Magazine


The 2011 Coup de Grâce Red Blend is 100% barrel aged for 18 months where it undergoes a malolactic fermentation, adding to the weighty mouth feel. Each varietal is aged separately and then the final blend is created after the individual lots have independently aged and matured. 


Dark in the glass, the wine fades from a deep red/purple, almost black at its inner core to a bright pomegranate rim. On the nose you will find bright red berry, fig, licorice, sage and oak accents. The wine is rich and full of character with blackberry, licorice, spice and earth notes intertwined with soft oak flavors.


Wine World has this powerful wine on our shelves priced at $28.99, so when you're ready for a wine as big as whatever you want to serve with it, you might give this one your serious consideration!


The Most Decorated Rye Whiskey in the World!


WhistlePig Straight Rye Whiskey


WhistlePig 10-Year Old

Straight Rye Whiskey


Whistlepig Farm is 240 acres of certified organic tillable farmland in Shoreham, Vermont where they grow hay and winter rye grain. We hear the hay is pretty good, but what they do with the rye is pure magic!


WhistlePig produces a 100-proof, straight rye whiskey, aged for at least ten years through a unique double-barrel process.


Founder Raj Peter Bhakta has always been a whiskey enthusiast, but with WhistlePig he has begun crafting the nation's first "farm-to-bottle" single-estate distillery.


For his magician, Raj hired Dave Pickerell, a luminary in the world of whiskey, and one of the nation's preeminent master distillers.


He spent 14 years as the Master Distiller for Maker's Mark in Loretto, Kentucky before joining the WhistlePig team, and he arrived with one simple, yet astoundingly complex objective:  create the finest rye whiskey.


So why rye? Rye has the reputation of being an irascible grain, an imperfect grain, a difficult grain to tame. But when done properly, there is no more sublime elixir known to man.


Where people have long simply seen harsh potency, Dave sees potential - if tempered by time and care. The incredible intrinsic flavor of the grain gives rye whiskey an advantage over corn-based bourbon and barley-based scotch. The raw ingredients simply begin with more flavor, a fact made most evident in the final product!


Like an undisciplined young colt full of unrestrained vigor, a young rye is a bracing thing. But given a decade or more in the right combination of barrels, rye emerges as a champion stallion, rippling with power yet graceful and balanced. That's the goal.


And WhistlePig embodies the perfect combination of proof, purity, and age - hitting "the sweet spot" in all WhistlePig 10 Year Straight Rye Whiskey three categories. In short:  more rye, all the proof, and the perfect age. All in!


At WhistlePig, they present this rugged grain refined. They use only the finest cooperage to age the whiskey, first employing new American oak barrels, and then finishing the process with ex-bourbon barrels. The latter are first-use, ripe with bourbon flavor while still retaining original woody notes.


It offers the full flavor that only a rye can deliver.


When first released in 2010, it arrived to critical acclaim, earning 96 points from Wine Enthusiast - their highest rating ever for a rye whiskey!


Spirits Journal awarded a "highest recommendation", and several others (The Wall Street Journal, GQ, Forbes, Maxim and Imbibe Magazine, among others) simply piled on!


These extraordinary honors humble and set a high bar for Master Distiller Dave Pickerell, but he remains equal to the task!


A rye whiskey of this caliber belongs on our shelves here at Wine World. And if you have an appreciation for the finest you can get, it belongs on your bar at home as well.


We've done our part, bringing this sublime, magical elixir into the store, putting it on our shelf for only $69.99.  The rest is up to you!



Presenting a Pair of New Beers from...


Local Option Bierwerker


Local Option Bierwerker

These beers are here to right a great wrong!


They truly are the "Local Option", but not just because of the brewery's name. Local Option Bierwerker is based in Chicago, but they are such a small brewpub, they can't keep up with the demand.


So they did what many small breweries with big production are forced to do... they contract the brewing out to a larger brewery - in this case Pub Dog Brewing in Westminster, MD!


See... this really is the Local Option!  But for so long, the beer has not been available in our own market!


That's the great injustice I was referring to!


But now, that has all been made right. These Local Option brews are among the newest beers to hit our shelves, and are some of the more singular craft beers we offer! There's really very little to compare them with!


These original recipes will win you over with their depth of flavor and the way the components all work together to make a truly exceptional glass of beer.


Here's what you'll find from Local Option at Wine World today:

Local Option "Morning Wood" ($8.99/500 ml) is a hybrid "Oak-Aged Coffee Ale" offered at 7.3% ABV. The fresh American oak used during the aging process, and Dark Matter's "El Salvador San Jose" pulp-natural coffee, drive the aromatics. That's right, they use real coffee, not coffee flavoring!

This deep amber colored, medium-bodied, and extraordinarily well-balanced ale is unique! The taste of coffee is followed by a freight train of caramel, and notes of vanilla with some oaky tannins as well. The sweetness of the malt is balanced by the roastiness of the coffee, and the tannins leave a lightly dry, woody bitterness that you can't get from hops alone.

Morning Wood's taste is delicate and should be appreciated by beer drinkers of all palates.

Local Option "Dampf Loc" ($8.99/500 ml) is an all-barley, warm fermented "California Common" style ale. It uses lager yeast, but is fermented at warmer temperatures which gives it an intense flavor profile.

Inspired by an obscure brew called "Dampfbier", originally crafted by medieval peasant inhabitants of the Bavarian Forest, the name literally means "Steam beer". During the fermentation process generous amounts of foam and surface bubbles burst in the tank, giving the illusion that the fermenting beer is boiling or "steaming".

Local Option took up the task of brewing Dampf Loc as a modern interpretation of its Teutonic predecessor, creating an ale that is true to its roots and unmistakable in character. 

It's a hazy, light amber in color, with hints of caramel malts and earthy hops on the nose. The beer is very malt-forward on the palate, with big notes of fresh baked biscuits and a bit of roasty caramelization to lend a touch of richness. And at 5.3% ABV, it's quite sessionable!

Now Marylanders can get these unusual but extremely great tasting beers, conceived in Chicago by Local Option, but contract brewed right here by Pub Dog in Westminster. 


Pick them up on your next visit...


Local Option Beers


Only at Wine World!


McPherson Cellars


McPherson Cellars


Texas Wine with a

Pioneering Spirit!


They say everything's big in Texas, and its dry arid climate and hard scrabble soils might just make it the next big thing in wine!


The McPhersons have been a pioneering family in grape growing and wine making in Texas for over 40 years. The family patriarch, Dr. Clinton A. "Doc" McPherson, is one of the "Fathers" of the modern Texas wine industry.


In 1976 Doc, a Chemistry Professor at Texas Tech University, and Bob Reed founded Llano Estacado Winery in Lubbock, one of the first post-Prohibition Texas wineries.


Today Doc remains one of the state's prime grape growers and was the first in Texas to plant Sangiovese in his Sagmor Vineyard while his son Kim has taken over in the cellar.


The McPhersons believe in "planting to the land" so their focus is on Rhone, Italian and Spanish varietals produced in the Sagmor, Lost Draw Vineyards, and other areas of the High Plains.


Wine World is happy to have this winery be the first representative of the great state of Texas to grace our shelves!


The wine itself is a Silver Medalist at this year's Los Angeles International Wine Competition. Here's a little bit of what you can expect from it:


2013 McPherson "Tre Colore" - $16.99:  McPherson Tre Colore This wine is a blend of three Rhone varietals - two reds and a white! A special blend of Carignan (27%), Mourvedre (62%) and Viognier (11%), this light bodied, easy drinking wine has aromas of cedar, black pepper and dried cherries and other rebellious berry characteristics.


A perfect summer red, this approachable wine is rich and smoky with bright, juicy flavors of cherry and cranberry with modest tannins, a smooth finish, and an overall charmingly soft profile.


Get your first taste of a Texas wine by picking up a bottle of McPherson "Tre Colore" on your next visit!


Old World Style in
New World Wines


Brutocao Family Vineyards


Brutocao Family Vineyards


When Italian family heritage met Mendocino vineyards, a new tradition of winemaking was born. Brutocao Cellars celebrates their New World tradition today with small batch handcrafted wines from award-winning vineyards in Mendocino County!


Winemaking traditions often begin around the table, and Brutocao Cellars' roots go back four generations to a dinner table in Venice, Italy. Chief among these traditions is respect... respect for the land and for those who work it.


Sustainable farming practices weren't just a fashionable idea in Italy; they were a way of life born of necessity and a healthy respect for the natural order of things.


When the Brutocao family came to the New World, it was only natural that they would combine their passions and become grape growers and winemakers. Today, the family still blends their Italian heritage with their rural agricultural lifestyle to make some amazingly dense and flavorful wines.


They released their first wine with the 1980 vintage, and on the label they chose the Lion of St. Mark, modeled after the lion on top of St. Mark's Cathedral in Venice as their symbol of family tradition and quality.


That quality comes from the location of their 400 acres of vineyards in southern Mendocino County and from family traditions handed down over generations around the dining room table. That's what family vineyards are all about!


Today Wine World is proud to offer these beautiful California wines with an Old World flair:


2010 "Quadriga" Red Blend - $24.99:  This Double Gold medalist (Tasters Guild International Wine Competition) is a proprietary blend of 45% Sangiovese, 33% Primitivo, 11% Barbera and 11% Dolcetto.


With aromas of spice cake, boysenberry and blueberry, this unique blend exhibits white pepper & dark fruit flavors followed by a long satin finish. Reminiscent of traditional Italian field blends, but with richer, brighter and more fruit-forward flavors, the velvety smooth texture of this delicious wine pairs well with everything from casual dining to your fanciest meals.


2010 "Uber Tuscan" - $29.99:  Brutocao's sixth release of this "Uber-licous" award winning wine is a lovely Tuscan blend of 70% Sangiovese and 30% Cabernet Sauvignon.


Wonderful aromas of dark fruit and cedar lead the way, followed by succulent flavors of blackberry, cigar, earth and vanilla spice, enlivened by traditional Sangiovese acidity. This classic combination will bring out the Italian in any dish!


Pick up these wonderful reds on your next visit...


Brutocao Italian Blends

 Only at Wine World! 

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