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"Party on the Patio"

Wines on Tap!


The new law allowing Wine World to fill bottles of wine from our taps goes into effect on July 1st, and we are ready to roll out our "Party on the Patio" line of wines!


Elizabeth has procured several cases of "Wine World" wine growlers that she is offering for just $3.99!


These are resealable, reusable, and earth friendly bottles with swing-top stoppers that you can refill as often as you like at our growler station for just $9.99/Liter!''Party on the Patio'' from Wine World


The law for wine is identical to our beer growlers:

  • the container must be sealable,
  • have an identifying mark of the seller,
  • carry a federal health warning statement required for alcohol containers,
  • display instructions for cleaning the container and
  • have a label stating that the consumer is responsible for cleaning it.

Elizabeth wanted to kick things off with some fun wines designed for summertime enjoyment, so she challenged the wine team to come up with some unique ideas with an emphasis on fun.


She is reassigning 2 of our 30 taps to dispense only these special proprietary blends made exclusively for Wine World!


Enlisting the assistance of an experienced winemaker, we believe the team has not just met the challenge, but knocked it out of the park with a pair of blends that have to be tasted to be believed!


First up, we have a white wine called "Cherry Limeade White Sangria" inspired by the famous flavor introduced at Sonic!


This bright fresh fruity wine delivers the perfect blend of light cherry flavor with a big splash of limeade! It's is all about summer refreshment on the patio or lounging poolside. Escape the heat of the summer with this amazing blend! 12% ABV.


And if you're ready for an entirely new concept in red wine, you've got to try our mind-blowing blend we're calling "Not Your Momma's" Merlot (also 12% ABV)!


This wine starts with a medium-bodied base of luscious Merlot, known for its fruit flavors and cocoa notes, and transforms it with a secret blend of spices designed to mimic the creamy smooth flavor of Sarsaparilla! Just imagine - a root beer flavored Merlot!


Or better yet, taste it... it's incredible! Served icy cold on a hot summer's day, you're on your way to the perfect Patio Party! And you can even take it to another level by adding some Mercer's Wine Ice Cream for the ultimate float. Your taste buds will be dancing!


We will change things up periodically with ever newer and more creative unique, fun flavors designed to be perfect for any party or picnic. Our wine team is already dreaming up enticing new taste experiences!


It's going to be a great summer with these wines becoming available this week!

Only at Wine World!

Return of Rubus!


  Rubus Wine Selections


Stealth Wines Available in Limited Quantities!


Those of you who have been shopping with us for a while may remember a few years back when the combination of a really good vintage and a fairly soft economy came together in a perfect storm for wine lovers. Its name... Rubus!


That year there was a lot of really good wine on the market, but due to the economic downturn, people just weren't buying it, which created a glut of great wine on the market.


Winemakers had to make a decision - either drop the prices on their fabulous famous-named wines, or sell off the extra juice to select negociants to be sold under a private label. 


Since many of these famous wineries have spent years building their reputation, many took the second option!  They just didn't want to risk sullying their image by lowering their price!


The wine business can really be funny like that sometimes, and when you're in the right place at the right time, it makes a great opportunity to get some fabulous wines at ridiculous prices!


You say you've never heard of a Rubus Winery in Napa?  Not too surprising!  It doesn't exist!


Fran Kysela, a well known importer-distributor who has some serious contacts in Napa and beyond, is the genius behind the Rubus label. His friends told him of their plans to unload their excess juice and made him an offer that was too good to pass up! 


And when Elizabeth caught wind of it, she got in on the action very quickly.


As a result during a short time in the summer of 2010, we were able to offer several cases of the amazing 2007 vintage Napa Cab for under $20 a bottle!


Well my friends, it's happened again! 


This time it's from the fabulous 2012 vintage of Cabernet straight from Napa, as well as the 2013 vintage of Old Vine Zinfandel from Lodi!


Most of you know how great the warm weather Napa Valley is for growing Cabernet, but only our true Zinfandel zealots know that Lodi is the center of the universe for their favorite grape!


Here's the crazy part:  We were able to buy these wines up at price points that allow us to offer them at insane discounts!


Imagine this Old Vine Zin for just 11.99 and the Cabernet is just $19.99. If you were blindfolded, you'd be unable to tell the difference between it and a bottle we sell for $75!


Such is the world of stealth wine!  Here's a brief description of the Rubus wines we currently have in stock.


2013 Old Vine Zinfandel, Lodi - 11.99:  Produced in the heart of the Lodi AVA from vines that are more than 50 years old. (Some of them are nearly 100 years old!)


Ruby red in color, with red fruit, raspberry, and spice on the nose. This wine is medium in body, with notes of ripe cherry, cedar box, cinnamon, anise, black pepper, and hint of smoke on the palate. It has a long, silky finish. 


At this price, this wine will be gone very soon, so don't wait too long! Once it's gone, it's gone for good!


2012 Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa - 19.99:  While they are very careful to not reveal exactly where the fruit was grown, our information suggests it is from the Stags Leap District - one of the finest micro-regions in the valley!


Powerfully aromatic, with full mature flavors of blackberry, currant and chocolate and just a hint of toasty oak and black cherry. The tannins are refined and polished, allowing the fruit to be the focus.


Do yourself a favor and don't miss out on these wines!


Rubus Wines  


Wine World's Got It!



It Must Be Beer Week!


We've just gotten some great new beers in stock!


For starters, the one we mentioned last week that was coming is now here!  Announcing the arrival of...


Bell's Inspired Brewing


The arrival of Bell's to Maryland has been a long time coming, and we couldn't be happier that it's finally here!


We currently have bottles of their Lager, Amber, Midwestern Pale Ale, "Oarsmen", "Oberon", Porter and Kalamazoo Stout.


And we also have the fabled "Two Hearted Ale" both in bottles and on draught at our 30 tap Growler refill station!


*  *  *  *  *


Another great brewery, a little closer to home...


3 Stars Brewing


3 Stars Brewing 

Washington, D.C.


Primarily known as a tap house, 3 Stars is now releasing limited bottlings of some of their finest!


Today at Wine World, you can pick up either their Peppercorn Saison or "Southern Belle" Imperial Brown Ale! Both are in 750ml sized bottles, with the cork-and-cage closure, and both are delicious!


*  *  *  *  *


And finally this week, you can pick up some...


Clown Shoes Brewing


Clown Shoes

Ipswich, Mass.


This "Top 100 Breweries in the World" recipient brews up tremendous beers in both popular styles and some of their own creations! 


We are currently offering 4-packs of their "Tramp Stamp" Belgian-Style IPA, "Chocolate Sombrero" Mexican-Style Chocolate Stout, and "Clementine" White Ale


We also have "Space Cake" Double IPA and "Undead Party Crasher" American Imperial Stout available in 22 oz bombers!


For more info on these and other new additions to our beer selections, visit www.YourBeerWorld.com.


Your Beer World!


Send us a friend request on Facebook, or follow along on Twitter, and you'll be among the first to know when more tasty beers arrive! 


Because if you want something new and amazing in a beer...


Wine World's Got It!


New Flavor Ice Cream!


Mercer's Wine Ice Cream


Strawberry Sparkling Wine!


Strawberry season comes a little later in upstate New York than it does here in the Mid-Atlantic region.


And so, since Mercer's uses only the freshest natural ingredients, the release of their Strawberry Sparkling Wine Ice Cream had to be delayed a bit, but it's here now!


It has joined the six other flavors that you have been enjoying already for the past few weeks!  You can read about those flavors a little farther down in this column!

The Strawberry is simply bubbly! 
They've uncorked a sweet champagne and paired it perfectly with ribbons of sparkling strawberries. Now if that doesn't tempt your taste buds, nothing will!


It's the perfect accompaniment to summer, and Wine World is the only place in the state where you can get it!  Just be prepared to show your ID, because it really is made with actual wine!


Strawberry Sparkling Wine Ice Cream  


Wine World's Got It!


Finger Lakes Wines!


Boundary Breaks Vineyards;

Rieslings Done Right!


As anyone who has travelled to the Finger Lakes region can tell you, there is some amazing local wine to be enjoyed there. The trouble comes in trying to locate those wines once you've returned home!


That's because very few of these wineries will ship out of state. Happily that trend is starting to subside, and today Wine World is proud to announce the arrival of Boundary Breaks Rieslings.


Farmers have been growing grapes in the Finger Lakes for more than 150 years, and they've learned that you don't just come here and declare what type of winegrapes you want to grow.


In order to succeed, you have to work with what you're given, and the Finger Lakes region has an ideal, cool climate for white wines like Riesling.


Boundary Breaks is located on the eastern shore of Seneca Lake, mid-way between Geneva and Waterloo to the north and Ithaca and Watkins Glen to the south. Because of its milder climate, this side of Seneca Lake is jokingly called the "banana belt" of the Finger Lakes!


The name comes from the "breaks" in the landscape - deep channels cut thousands of years ago by glacial runoff - that define the northern and southern boundaries of the property.


They have found a way to use these unique features to their advantage. The hillsides are composed of calcareous soils, so they situated their vineyards here on sloping ground, which allows cold air to drain away from the vines during harsh winters.


From the start, they decided to focus on Riesling, and no other. That's all they produce! For the most part, single-vineyard, single-clone Riesling.


When asked why, the answer is reminiscent of a scene from the movie "City Slickers" - when Jack Palance snarls at Billy Crystal with 1 finger raised...


"One thing. Just one thing. You stick to that..."


Do one thing, and do it very, very well! And never compromise! That's how it's done in this region of New York.


They planted four different clones of Riesling vines. These include Geisenheim clones 110, 98 and 239, and a special clone, number 90 from Neustadt. 


Over time, they have learned how each of them behaves in these soils and climate, and can manage them individually to bring out their most desirable characteristics.


That's how some of their wines ended up on the Wine Enthusiast list of Top 100 Wines in the World!


Now for the first time, these wines are available here at Wine World! Here are descriptions of these wines from Boundary Breaks, along with some commentary and scores from the critics:


2013 "No. 239" Dry Riesling - 19.99:  This single clone (#239) Riesling is harvested early, allowing a higher level of acidity to keep the citrus flavors vivid and to enhance the minerality of this wine.


It is a distinctly bright and lively Riesling, yet with plenty of fruit character that lasts through the long finish.


2012 "Ovid Line North" Riesling - 17.99:  This is the only Riesling made from a blend of multiple clones. Each year, they look to blend clones in a way to create a wine that is greater than the sum of its parts. The grapes are harvested throughout the season, seeking greater complexity in the finished wine obtained from its varied components.


"The palate is lush and bright with a streak of lemon-lime acidity. Finishes long with a delicately lacy sweetness. 91 Points" - Wine Enthusiast


2013 "No. 110" Semi-Dry Riesling - 17.99:  The wine maker has two goals with this Riesling: to find the ideal balance between acid and residual sugar, and to provide an experience that has shape and minerality from start to finish. The result is that expressive flavor profile that makes Finger Lakes Rieslings world famous!


"Green herb and crisp apple notes lend a refreshing kick to this brisk, intensely concentrated wine. 90 Points" - Wine Enthusiast.


2012 "No. 198" Reserve Riesling - 20.99:  Clone #198 is perhaps the most celebrated strain of Riesling throughout the Finger Lakes. The fruit for this Reserve is harvested late in the season, when it reaches a maximum level of ripeness, then it is slowly fermented over an extended period of time. This produces a rich, round Riesling in the German style, typically with a higher level of residual sugar which makes it possible to be aged for ten or more years!


"It's rich and ripe with stone fruit flavors, but balanced with tart lime acidity and steely, honed minerality. 91 Points" - Wine Enthusiast.


2012 "No. 90" Late Harvest Riesling - 29.99/375 ml:  This Late Harvest Riesling is a dessert wine made from fruit harvested in December when many berries have de-hydrated and wrinkled into raisins. The Neustadt #90 clone is especially adept at concentrating its sugars in the remaining juice, which develops an earthiness and depth. This natural process produces a dense Riesling nectar that retains its acidity alongside its flowing richness.


"Intensely tropical on the nose with notes of honey-glazed mango and peach, this silky sweet wine is stunningly complex. 92 Points" - Wine Enthusiast.


Why not pick up a bottle on your next visit, and see if Boundary Breaks has truly discovered Curly's notion of the meaning of life! 


Boundary Breaks Riesling


Wine World's Got It!


Great News for Coffee Lovers!


Now You Can Custom Grind Your Coffee Beans!


As we've constantly stated throughout our history, Wine World's goal is to be your favorite beverage store! This is what drives everything we do!


In keeping with that spirit, we expanded our horizons to include some of the finest coffees we could find.


After all, coffee is one of our favorite beverages, and we know that's true for many of you as well! That's why several years ago, Elizabeth began offering Counter Culture coffee beans here at Wine World!


These folks have a different way of bringing coffee to market:  sourcing incredible handmade coffees directly from farmers and cooperatives around the world, and roasting them precisely to bring out the unique flavors that represent their origins.


More recently Elizabeth also brought in beans from Rare Bird Coffee Roasters to augment our selections of coffees for you to discover and enjoy.


Between these two suppliers, we now offer coffees that are exceptional and unique, offering distinctive qualities of varietal and origin. 


Not long ago, we invited some of these folks to do an in-store tasting to offer you a chance to learn more about their various coffees. It was quite enlightening.


It was the first time many of you had ever tasted the difference between that mass-produced hodgepodge blend of every coffee that's available on the market, and a single varietal coffee from a unique point on the globe! The taste difference was obvious!


But all too often the question was asked "Do you have it already ground, ready for my coffee pot?" 


With the idea that freshness is one of the keys to really great coffee, pre-grinding the beans and putting it on a stores' shelf where it might sit for a while would take away from the enjoyment. That's why they only sell us freshly roasted beans.


And that's also why so many of you have continued to buy your regular brand of coffee instead of getting all of the enjoyment possible in your morning cup of Joe!


We didn't like that scenario, andGrind Your Own! we knew we could do more for you. Now we've got the answer!


Elizabeth now has a professional grade coffee grinder set up in the store where you can custom grind your beans on the spot! 


Your coffee is as fresh as possible going into the grinder, and you know with certainty how long it's been since it was ground!


Whether you use a percolator, a drip/filter system, French press or some other method to brew your coffee, there's a setting that will grind your beans to perfection!


Now everyone can discover and enjoy the sensational and varied tastes of small batch coffees from around the world, brought to us by specialty coffee roasters.


It's a great way to start your day, and it's just one more way we try to earn your business every day!


Only at Wine World! 


Wine Ice Cream!


Now Available in Maryland


Mercer's Wine Ice Cream


Exclusively at Wine World!!


In what has to be the biggest "scoop" of the season so far, Elizabeth has entered into an agreement with the makers of Mercer's Wine Ice Cream and is now the only retailer in Maryland to carry these fantastic products!


Situated in Oneida County, in the very heart of New York State, Mercer's Dairy is known for their quality products throughout upstate NY. They have been building and maintaining their reputation for over 60 years!


They produce 27 traditional flavors of ice cream, four flavors of sherbet, three flavors of fat-free, no-sugar-added ice cream - and their most recent creation... Mercer's Wine Ice Cream!


Let's be very clear from the beginning - this is NOT "wine flavored" ice cream... this is ice cream made from actual wine!


Be prepared to show your ID when making a purchase, because it is not for sale to minors!


Mercer's Wine Ice Cream is an unprecedented, unique creation: adults-only ice cream available that has received both national and international recognition.


Today, we are happy to announce that wine ice cream is available in Maryland, and Wine World is the only place where you can get it!


We've currently got 6 flavors including some red, some white, some blush, and even a port!

  • Peach White Zinfandel - Sweet celebration! This sensational ice cream is a handpicked White Zinfandel, distinguished for its fruity undertones and pleasant finish, blended with succulent peaches!
  • Riesling - Simply chic! This one is made with a dry Riesling wine, prized for its fruity, crisp, effervescent quality and well-balanced taste.
  • Red Raspberry Chardonnay - Classic elegance! Think of an oak-aged Chardonnay, known for its delicate nose and buttery smooth taste, and paired with fresh red raspberries.
  • Cherry Merlot - Sophisticated! For this ice cream Mercers has chosen a Merlot wine recognized for its plum and black cherry undertones, and accentuated it with plump Bordeaux cherries!  
  • Chocolate Cabernet - Rich... a chocolate lover's dream! This decadent ice cream unites a Cabernet wine filled with dried cherry and cassis notes with Mercer's renowned chocolate ice cream, filled with bits of bittersweet chocolate morsels! Mmmm!
  • Port - Inspiring. For this original creation, they sought out an award-winning Ruby Port appreciated for its luxurious, heavily-body flavor and velvety smoothness. Being an ice cream only makes it better!

These are the most innovative new wine product on the market today, and they've got to be experienced to be believed!


Mercer's Wine Ice Creams have now arrived, just in time for the heat of summer, priced at just 6.99/pt. Look for them in the freezer right by the check out counter on your next visit!


Mercer's Wine Ice Cream!  


Wine World's Got It!



By Popular Demand!




Luxardo Maraschino Cherries


You've been asking for them, and we've been trying to get them for you!  Finally, we've succeeded!


These are the original Maraschino cherries! The very first of their kind were produced at the Luxardo plant in Zara, Italy about 110 years ago!


The name comes from the Marasca cherry, which is cultivated and distilled by Luxardo for their renowned Maraschino Liqueur.


The cherries are candied in a syrup made from the Marasca juice giving them their brilliant color and magnificent taste! These cherries have garnished more drinks than any other fruit in history for a reason! One taste and you'll know why these are so popular!


And there is a very definite difference between Luxardo Original Maraschino's and the grocery store variety... there's just no comparison! First of all, they aren't dyed a candy apple red color! These cherries actually look like, well... cherries!  What is that red color anyway?


The syrup they're packed in is thick, viscous, decadent and delicious!  It's not some red sugar water combo! And then there's the flavor - OMG, there's just no comparison!


So, unless you're one who can do that bar trick where you tie a knot in the stem with your tongue - a talent that admittedly never ceases to amaze - you really ought to move up in quality and see what a real Maraschino cherry can do for your cocktails!


Each 400g (14.11 oz) jar contains 50% candied cherries and 50% syrup, and a shelf life of up to 3 years!


There are no thickening agents of any type, no preservatives are used, and the color is all natural! Did I mention, Luxardo doesn't sell you stems... they sell only the finest maraschino cherries packed in syrup!


Wine World is proud to finally have broken through to be able to procure these little gems for you, and we are offering them for just $18.99.


Now that might sound like a lot for cherries, especially if you compare them to the grocery store variety, but as I said before, that's not a true comparison!


These are truly gourmet quality, and I invite you to Google them for yourself just to see how good a price Elizabeth is offering! Plus you don't pay for shipping!


So what more can I say about cherries? Give them a try! You'll never go back!


Luxardo Maraschino Cherries  


Wine World's Got It!



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