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Wine & Spirits 2013 "Winery of the Year"!


Boomtown Logo


"Boomtown" by Dusted Valley


In 2003, brothers-in-law Chad Johnson and Corey Braunel left the security of their corporate jobs in Wisconsin to start the Dusted Valley winery in Walla Walla, Washington.


They just wanted to fulfill their dream of crafting world-class wine in the booming Washington State wine industry. There's no way they could ever have imagined that a scant decade later they would be honored as Wine & Spirit's "Winery of the Year"!


They have made it a true family affair! Winemakers, Chad and Corey control the production process from vineyard to bottle while the sisters they married, Janet and Cindy, take care of the administrative and sales management chores.


Using sustainable farming practices, attention to detail, extremely low yields, and a sizeable piece of their souls, they found they could produce grapes of infinite quality. They like to walk the edge and push themselves everyday.


They say "If we don't make mistakes along the way, we aren't pushing our boundaries hard enough. The rewards always outweigh the risks."


This is the philosophy that led to the Boomtown label - a nod to the Dusted Valley family's unquenchable thirst for adventure! Boomtown is crafted for all of those unafraid to step out and leave their comfort zones.


With 4 estate vineyards, and access to 2 others owned by good friends, Boomtown wines are made entirely with fruit from the Columbia Valley. They offer varietal-specific wines made with one goal:  to over deliver!


By all accounts, we believe they have achieved the goal!  Here's what Elizabeth has just brought to Wine World's shelves:


2013 Pinot Gris - 13.99:  Crisp and refreshing with notes of pink apple.


2013 Chardonnay - 16.99:  Fresh and vibrant with notes of freshly cut pears framed by balancing acidity. A sure bet for Chardonnay lovers!


2012 Merlot - 16.99:  Phenomenal, filled with cherries and dusty malted-chocolate with mouth coating tannins!


2012 Syrah - 16.99:  Classic notes of blueberry, juicy black raspberry along with subtle hints of herbs de Provence.


2012 Cabernet Sauvignon - 16.99:  Refined, yet rugged, the wine offers wonderful cherry fruit and balancing acid while giving you the rustic complexity of freshly crushed herbs.


The good folks at Boomtown by Dusted Valley encourage you to raise a glass to American ingenuity, and salute those who continue to push the limits in pursuit of the good life each and every day!


We hope you'll give these great tasting wines a try.


Boomtown Wines


Wine World's Got It!


She's Done it Again!


Another Highly Allocated Wine Now on Wine World's Shelves!


We don't know how she does it, but Elizabeth has once again managed to put a wine on her shelves that seem to elude many restaurateurs!


This time, it's an amazing Napa Cab labeled...


Twenty Rows Logo


Twenty Rows Cabernet Sauvignon, 2013 


Twenty Rows wines are made by Brian Nuss who, together with his wife Lori, owns the small family run winery "Vinoce" on Napa Valley's Mount Veeder.


Brian and Lori are dedicated to creating wines that reflect the true expressions of the Mount Veeder Appellation, and over the last 28 years they have developed an intimate knowledge of growing the grapes for their wines on these rugged hillside slopes.


Twenty Rows started as a second label to their premium wines (which command prices upwards of $60!). While much of the fruit comes from their 25 acre estate, they also reach out to good friends scattered throughout the Napa Valley for specific grapes, which allows them to offer these great wines at a reduced price point.


This 2013 offering costs only $25.99, and yet it is made from 90% Cabernet Sauvignon from the Oak Knoll and Mt. Veeder AVA's, 4% Petit Verdot from Coombsville, 4% Cab Franc from Mt. Veeder and 2% Malbec from Oak Knoll - all pretty special places for wine grapes!


They are carefully selected to yield an intense, deeply colored wine of concentrated aromas and flavors. Also Brian's tannin management is an important factor to producing his powerful, yet elegant wines, and has long been a hallmark of his Vinoce offerings! 


Knowing only one way to make wines, Brian gives the same level of care to his Twenty Rows label. He uses temperature controlled stainless steel tanks for primary fermentation, and finishes them in French Oak for 12 months for full integration of fruit and oak. When bottled, the wine is always approachable and delicious!


This 2013 Cabernet is full of dark cherries and black currants, and has notes of cedar, sandalwood, dusty cocoa and coffee. A dense texture and a fine sense of balance enhance the pleasing aspects of this agile performer.


As you can imagine, there was not a lot of it made, and what gets released is usually allocated to upscale restaurants and chic boutique wine shoppes.


Wine World would heartily deny such a descriptor for ourselves, because we are here for everyone - not just the privileged few.  Still, there exists a clientele in our community to whom wines of this caliber are of particular interest, and we love to fill that niche as well. 


When we can offer these types of wines at prices like this, they suddenly become of interest to everyone! And rightfully so! Why shouldn't the rest of us get to enjoy these wines?


The relationships that Elizabeth has nurtured with her suppliers over the years, combined with her and her team's knowledge of what might be available is what allows Wine World to occasionally get the wines that seem unobtainable to others!


Then she does the unthinkable - she prices these wines using the same algorithms that she applies to all of the wines she offers! That's what allows her to offer such amazing wines at these incredible prices, and still keep the lights on!


This special buy was just another in a long line of "flukes", and like the others, when it's gone, it's gone for good!


But while they last, here's your opportunity to snatch up an outstanding bottle of Napa Cab at a price you simply can't beat anywhere! 


Twenty Rows Cabernet


Wine World's Got It!


By Popular Demand!




Luxardo Maraschino Cherries


You've been asking for them, and we've been trying to get them for you!  Finally, we've succeeded!


These are the original Maraschino cherries! The very first of their kind were produced at the Luxardo plant in Zara, Italy about 110 years ago!


The name comes from the Marasca cherry, which is cultivated and distilled by Luxardo for their renowned Maraschino Liqueur.


The cherries are candied in a syrup made from the Marasca juice giving them their brilliant color and magnificent taste! These cherries have garnished more drinks than any other fruit in history for a reason! One taste and you'll know why these are so popular!


And there is a very definite difference between Luxardo Original Maraschino's and the grocery store variety... there's just no comparison! First of all, they aren't dyed a candy apple red color! These cherries actually look like, well... cherries!  What is that red color anyway?


The syrup they're packed in is thick, viscous, decadent and delicious!  It's not some red sugar water combo! And then there's the flavor - OMG, there's just no comparison!


So, unless you're one who can do that bar trick where you tie a knot in the stem with your tongue - a talent that admittedly never ceases to amaze - you really ought to move up in quality and see what a real Maraschino cherry can do for your cocktails!


Each 400g (14.11 oz) jar contains 50% candied cherries and 50% syrup, and a shelf life of up to 3 years!


There are no thickening agents of any type, no preservatives are used, and the color is all natural! Did I mention, Luxardo doesn't sell you stems... they sell only the finest maraschino cherries packed in syrup!


Wine World is proud to finally have broken through to be able to procure these little gems for you, and we are offering them for just $18.99.


Now that might sound like a lot for cherries, especially if you compare them to the grocery store variety, but as I said before, that's not a true comparison!


These are truly gourmet quality, and I invite you to Google them for yourself just to see how good a price Elizabeth is offering! Plus you don't pay for shipping!


So what more can I say about cherries? Give them a try! You'll never go back!


Luxardo Maraschino Cherries  


Wine World's Got It!


Organic Artisan Spirits


Journeyman Distillery


Journeyman Distillery


Journeyman is excited to offer handcrafted artisan spirits with a focus on whiskey. Based in Three Oaks, Michigan, the Journeyman Distillery is one of few certified organic distilleries in the United States.


Their decision to have an organic distillery was largely a personal one and a decision that came rather easily. Several years ago Journey founder Bill Welter decided to make a more conscious decision about what he was consuming and where was his food coming from.


In an effort to support local organic farmers the Distillery buys only organic grain that is grown by family farmers in the great Midwest. The concept is simply an extension of his desire to support the idea of eating with a sense of place.


They produce all organic spirits produced without the use of synthetic fertilizers, artificial pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, growth hormones, or genetically modified organisms.


Certified by MOSA (Midwest Organic Services Association), Journeyman Distillery is committed to providing users with a "grain to glass" experience, paired with savory ingredients to deliver a taste unmatched by other distilleries.


Aged in small batch barrels for increased concentration of flavors, and bottled at 90 proof, the distillers' attention to detail appears in every sip. Each label features original artwork, and each bottle is hand-sealed with wax.


As you can imagine, artisan whiskeys made with this level of dedication are in high demand and very short supply.


For this reason, Wine World is placing a strict "One Bottle per Customer" restriction on the extremely limited number of bottles we have been able to procure.


We're not being obstinate... we just know there are several of you who would love to try these whiskeys, and we want to be fair to all of you!


While strict business sense would say to simply raise the price in order to regulate sales, Elizabeth insists on staying true to her pricing structure, and she simply won't allow it!


This limit is her way to be fair to everyone... but you'd better not dawdle! So, while they're here, these fine organic whiskeys are available priced at just $43.99:


"Buggy Whip" Wheat:  The Featherbone Factory, where all Journeyman whiskeys are distilled, dates to the 1800's, and was once the center of actual buggy whip production in the area.  So when they were deciding on a name for this notoriously smooth whiskey, "Buggy Whip Wheat Whiskey" won the day!


Made of 100% organic wheat, the first scent is powerfully grainy. Its deep copper hue is from its time in charred oak barrels, which also provides sweet tastes that range from toffee and caramel to white chocolate and hazelnuts, with hints of leather and even a slight earthiness. The finish is buttery smooth, closing with a warm pure grain pleasance.

"Ravenswood" Rye:  An organic rye whiskey made with an unusual blend of Minnesota rye and Michigan wheat - and no corn at all! It offers spicy grain aromas leading to a rush of sweetness on the palate with plenty of vanilla from aging in a 15 gallon white oak cask. Notes of citrus and baking spices, and a curious yet intriguing hint of tar on the finish adds to its complexity.


"Silver Cross" 4 Grain Whiskey:  Equal parts Rye, Wheat, Corn, and Barley, the Silver Cross is truly a medley of unique flavors. Aged in small casks the Silver Cross has an incredible mouth feel and body. It is a true whiskey lovers dream with a blending of the sweet luscious caramel essence of corn whiskey to satisfy the bourbon fans, the spicy red fruit and pepper of rye, the rich malty earth notes of barley for the Scotch aficionados, with the silky smooth finish of wheat whiskey.


Get them while they last...


Journeyman Organic Spirits


Wine World's Got It! 


New from Sonoma!


Copain Wines


Copain Wines "Tous Ensemble"

Pinot Noir, 2012


To any who have visited Sonoma, and particularly the area in and around Healdsburg, you already know of the region's beauty. Tucked between three lush valleys, nestled in the heart of wine country, Healdsburg combines small town charm with the ambiance of a European countryside.


Just 65 miles north of San Francisco, the area is in a perfect zone for growing Burgundy and Rhône varietals, so it is no surprise the area is dotted with wineries. One of them, the Copain Winery, is perched on a hill overlooking the serenely beautiful Russian River Valley.


This is the source of our featured wine this week!


Winemaker Wells Guthrie discovered early on that his taste in wine gravitated toward Europe in general and France's Rhône Valley in particular. So much so, he picked up and moved with his new bride to the region to learn from the best.


For two years, Wells apprenticed for esteemed winemaker and living legend Michel Chapoutier.


During that time, Wells was deeply inspired by the traditions and practices of French winemaking, not to mention the European attitude that wine is an essential part of life.


Now at Copain, he creates wines that are firmly rooted in California, yet with the sensibilities of the European wines that so moved him.


He is as committed to crafting these elegant, nuanced wines as he is to building a legacy that will be passed down to his daughters in the great tradition of European winemakers whose estates have been in the same family for generations.


Today, we'd like to introduce you to Wells' exceptionally well made Pinot Noir, aptly named "Tous Ensemble", French for "All Together".


2012 "Tous Ensemble" Anderson Valley Copain 'Tous Ensemble' Pinot NoirPinot Noir - 29.99:  Harvested from several parcels within the Anderson Valley, the 2012 Tous Ensemble offers delicately perfumed aromatics of spice and floral notes to frame the soft supple body.


It showcases flavors of just-ripened red fruits - cherries, raspberries, and cranberries - and rich earth. It was crafted to hold its bright acidity, making it a very food friendly wine, and it exhibits a long and elegant finish.


The wine is ready to be enjoyed now, but will also benefit from aging over the next five years.


If you are thinking about a nice Pinot Noir to serve with your upcoming Easter celebration, this wine would certainly be a welcome addition to your table.


Incredible Wine...

Unbelievable Price!   


Stags' Leap Winery


Stags' Leap Winery

"The Investor", 2012


In 1893 Horace Chase, who had made his fortune investing in the gold and silver mines during the California gold rush, embarked in a new venture - winemaking in Napa Valley.


Mr. Chase found the perfect volcanic rock and rich clay soil in which to plant vines and build a home, creating the estate that ultimately inspired the creation of the Stags Leap appellation.


Inspired by the three varietals planted on the historic Stags' Leap estate, "The Investor" is a red wine that beautifully blends together the unique flavors and expressions of Petite Sirah, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.


And the 2012 vintage allowed winemaker Christophe Paubert to allow his creative juices to shine, resulting in a powerful, yet approachable assemblage with significant fruit presence.


The Merlot contributes fresh red berry aromatics and a soft, velvety texture to balance the power of Petite Sirah, which adds concentration, tannins, spice and blueberry flavors. The Cabernet Sauvignon further increases the final blend's complexity and depth.


The majority of the Petite Sirah fruit comes from the Stags' Leap estate and grapes from a diverse selection of northern and southern Napa Valley vineyards are also selected to broaden the wine's floral and spicy characteristics.


The Merlot is grown in Oak Knoll and Yountville, neighboring appellations in the southern part of Napa Valley, and a combination of estate and southern valley floor Cabernet Sauvignon fruit makes up the balance of the blend.


Wine World is extremely proud to offer you this legendary wine at a very special introductory price that may just tempt you to become an "investor"!

Stags' Leap The Investor 

2012 Stags Leap "The Investor" Red Blend - 52.99 38.99:  Meet the inaugural release of "The Investor" - Captivating for its fresh, lush Napa Valley fruit, elegance and classic balance, The Investor brims with bright red fruit, blackcurrant, plum and blackberry.

A savory, herbal flavor, with hints of spicy vanilla bean, sweet tobacco and sandalwood, add depth and complexity. The tannins are firm, but velvety, and this red blend is impressive for its power, finesse and integrity.


Pick up your bottle of The Investor at this very special introductory price on your next visit!


Wine World's Got It!!



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