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  Vinicola Salton Logo


Our First Brazilian!


Wine World has long been proud of the diversity of wines we offer from nearly every corner of the globe. This aspect of our business is reflected in our name!


Today we are pleased to announce the arrival of Vinicola Salton - our first label of Brazilian wine! (Of course I was referring to wine... I can't imagine what you were thinking!)


It all started in 1878 when Antonio Domenico Salton immigrated from Italy's Veneto region looking for better opportunities in Brazil. He settled in the Italian colony of Dona Isabel in Rio Grande do Sul, today called Bento Gonçalves.


Like most Italian immigrants of the time, Antonio was an amateur winemaker - but it was more out of necessity than any sort of business endeavor. If you enjoyed drinking wine, you had to make it yourself! He planted his vineyards in this mountainous region surrounded by outstanding natural beauty, and soon his wines were gaining favor among the other residents of Dona Isabel.


By 1910, his 7 sons decided to capitalize on the popularity of their father's wine, and formalized the business with various still and sparkling wines and vermouth under the brand "Paulo Salton & Irmãos". The rest is history, as well as being a work in progress!


Today, a century after its establishment, Salton is considered one of the major wineries in Brazil. The company is proud to be 100% Brazilian family owned and operated, with the fourth generation already in place, showing the same commitment and dedication of their predecessors to making high quality wines.


We are very happy to now offer the 2011 bottling of their "Volpi" Chardonnay, aptly named for Alfredo Volpi (1896-1988), one of Brazil's greatest painters. Volpi portrayed simplicity with sophistication, which directly parallels the philosophy and character of this wine.


2011 Salton "Volpi" Chardonnay - $14.99: Salton Volpi Chardonnay

This clear, bright wine is made of 100% Chardonnay grapes from vineyards located at an altitude of about 2,500' above sea level in the Serra Gaucha. 


Soft yellow-gold in color, it offers aromas of nuts, pineapple, butter, and vanilla with hints of white chocolate. The palate is soft, smooth and elevated, leading to a persistent, lingering finish.


20% of the must was cold fermented in oak barrels with weekly stirring of its lees to extract a fatness in its texture. When reunited with the rest, it produces excellent body and complexity.


It was then aged in stainless steel tanks to retain the bright fruity aromas until it was ready for bottling. A century of experience is contained within each bottle! You will never forget your first taste!


This wine is a natural with most seafood, shellfish and poultry, but it also pairs wonderfully with pork loin, pasta with white sauces and risottos.


We hope you will give this lovely Brazilian a try on your next visit...


Only at Wine World!


Inaugural Release!


Pinhook Bourbon


Pinhook Straight Bourbon Whiskey


Although it has a lot going for it, when most people think about Kentucky, it comes down to two things:  Thoroughbred horses and Bourbon whiskey!

It seems they have always gone together, so the founders of Pinhook Bourbon thought it was about time someone followed through on the idea.


They developed a whiskey dedicated to the risky practice of "pinhooking" - an old Southern term for the shrewd purchase of very young thoroughbreds in hopes of them becoming champion runners.


It is an art form, and the best pinhookers are brilliant speculators with powerful gut instincts honed by years of experience and a deep knowledge of horseflesh lineage.


Pinhook Bourbon is led by Sean Josephs, a certified sommelier and the proprietor of the acclaimed restaurants Char No. 4 in Brooklyn, and Maysville in Manhattan. Both of these restaurants are recognized American whiskey temples. Click the links provided to see what I mean.


Sean is teaming up with Bourbon Lane Stables in Versailles, Kentucky, where successful yearly pinhooking has become a way of life.


Together they will dedicate each release of Pinhook Bourbon to a specific racehorse - an actual thoroughbred who is actively competing. Since they manage dozens of stakes winning horses, another winner will feel right at home!


Pinhook's first release is paired with the Graded Stakes winner "Bourbon Courage", and Wine World is honored to have been selected as one of the very few retailers across the country to offer this inaugural batch of only 3,480 bottles!


They plan to release at least two separate bottlings each year for the next two years, with what the company hopes will become, "a highly collectible stable of exquisite bottles" to go along with the exquisite bourbon inside of course!


Lovingly handcrafted and aged in Kentucky, Pinhook Straight Bourbon Whiskey has in its DNA the richness of the soil, the warmth of goldenrod, the softness of the air and the character and manner of Kentucky horse country.


Each bottle harnesses the spirit of the pinhook - a little daring, based on a profound understanding of quality. Here's what you can expect inside:


Pinhook Bourbon

Pinhook Bourbon - $41.99: Pinhook's grain bill consists of 75% corn enhanced by more than 20% rye for a great spicy flavor, and rounded out with malted barley for a smoothness that can't be beat!


It produces an exceptionally rich and balanced bourbon. Bottled at 90 proof, it offers glinting copper notes and a warm, honey undertone. It delivers an elegant, deep taste from start to finish. Giddyup!


Horse racing and bourbon - the essence of Kentucky - now bottled and available to you...


Only at Wine World!

Bourbon Courage
"Bourbon Courage"


Amazing New Local Wines!

Old Westminster Winery

Old Westminster Winery

Old Westminster is a family establishment, owned and operated by the Baker family. They provide a unique, wine-centered experience in a hands-on winery that is producing exceptional wines.

The property is situated on a rocky plot of ground just south of historic Westminster in the Maryland countryside, and it is here that they hand-craft their distinctive wines.

These wines include a classic Bordeaux-blend and a fabulous single vineyard Chardonnay, both of which we now have on our shelves.

They also offer Albariño, Sauvignon Blanc, a Syrah-Merlot blend and a single vineyard Cabernet Franc. If you are interested in any of these wines, just let us know! That's how our shelves get stocked after all!

These wines reflect no singular style - instead the Bakers' only mission is to ensure balance and allow the wines to reflect their vintage, and they believe these wines set the tone for a future of crafting benchmark wines in the state.

From what they've accomplished coming out of the starting gate, we think they've really got it going on, and we expect them to show us some great things in the coming years!

Here's a bit about the Old Westminster wines that you will find on our shelves today:

2012 Chardonnay - $27.99: This is the wine that none other than Al Spoler of "Cellar Notes" called "...the best Maryland Chardonnay I've ever tasted. Very reminiscent of White Burgundy...". High praise indeed.


The grapes for this magnificent Chardonnay are from the Pine Grove Vineyard perched atop a sandy bank overlooking the Chester River on Maryland's eastern shore. They are whole-cluster pressed and cool-fermented, with 75% in stainless and the remainder in new French oak. For added richness and texture, it is kept on its lees for over 6 months and stirred regularly before any blending is done.

The aromas are bright and youthful, enhanced by a 1% inclusion of Albariño. It offers hints of guava, dried apricot, ripe red apple and toasted almonds with a palate that is refreshingly soft and smooth yet with enough acid to keep it lively. This intricate wine closes with a mineral note that is as surprising as it is delightful. You're really going to like this one!

2011 "Channery Hill" Red Blend - $27.99: This classic right bank Bordeaux blend consists of 50% Merlot blended with 30% Cabernet Franc and 20% Cabernet Sauvignon that had been allowed a few extra weeks of hang time. Perhaps this is where the extra intensity comes from! The grapes were destemmed and single-berry hand sorted on their way to the fermentation tanks.

The juice was aged for 18 months in French oak prior to blending, and bottled with minimal racking. We suggest you decant this wine to allow it to open fully, and to remove any light sediment that may remain.

When you pour the wine, its deep ruby color immediately grabs your attention. The aromas are packed with red fruit, anise and toasted hazelnut. On the palate, it offers moderate acidity, medium weight, sturdy yet silky tannins, and a round, balanced finish.

For those who enjoy really well made wines, and also enjoy the idea of supporting local productions, we can whole-heartedly suggest you give these wines a try.

Pick up a bottle or two on your next visit!

Old Westminster Wines

Only at Wine World!


New from Washington


Two Vintners Logo  


2012 Two Vintners "Boushey Vineyard" Grenache Blanc


This is a wine we first encountered in Wine Enthusiast Magazine as it was reviewed by Paul Gregutt, a contributing editor who specializes in wine of the Pacific Northwest.


It is made in Washington State's Columbia Valley, in a sub-region known as the Yakima Valley, by two very talented individuals - Morgan Lee and Donavon Claflin. They are the winemaker and assistant winemaker, respectively, at Covington Cellars in Woodinville, but they have been making wines under their own label since 2009.  They call their joint enterprise "Two Vintners".


Through their years of work, they have met and befriended many grape growers and other wine professionals. One of them is Mr. Dick Boushey who has been tending his vineyards in the Yakima Valley AVA for more than 3 decades.


His grapes have been used to produce some of the most critically acclaimed Washington wines, and winemakers proudly proclaim the name of his vineyard on labels of their vineyard designated wines.


The Boushey Vineyard has recently been named among the top 10 vineyards in Washington State, and in fact Dick was named 2002 "Grower of the Year" by the Washington State Wine Commission! With that kind of pedigree, it's no wonder that he only sells to a short list of approved winemakers.


So imagine such exquisite fruit in the hands of extremely talented winemakers, and you can begin to see some of the allure of this wine.


For the making of their highly acclaimed white wine, they selected the Rhône varietal Grenache Blanc for its citrus and or herbaceous notes. To this base wine they blended in a small amount of Roussanne for its rich flavors of honey and pear, and full body. The combination is pure magic!


Here's an excerpt from the review by Paul Gregutt:

  Two Vintners Grenache Blanc

2012 Two Vintners "Boushey Vineyard" Grenache Blanc (Yakima Valley) - $29.99:  "Still young and slightly spritzy, this excellent wine includes 8% Roussanne. One third was fermented in neutral oak; the rest in stainless. It's a flavorful, bracing wine with melon and citrus in the forefront. Racy and fresh, with excellent focus and length, it finishes with a brisk hint of salinity." 90 points - Paul Gregutt, Wine Enthusiast Magazine.


As many of you continue to seek out quality "ABC" wines ("Anything but Chardonnay"), we are very happy to offer this wonderful alternative, and to those who have not overloaded themselves on Chardonnay's many charms, we would still like to recommend this wine as a great tasting change of pace that we believe you will fall in love with at first taste!


Party with Paddy!


Paddy Irish Whiskey  


Paddy Irish Whiskey


The most well known of all the Irish whiskeys is Paddy whiskey. But less well known, is the fact that this delightful whiskey was named after a gregarious sales representative for Cork Distilleries Company.


Patrick J. O'Flaherty was born in Cork in 1850, the eldest son of Daniel O'Flaherty and his wife Anne Long. He was presumably influenced by his mother's family, who were pub owners, as he decided to join the Cork Distilleries Company as a travelling salesman in December 1882. His salary - a mere £150 a year!


The Cork Distilleries Co. was founded in 1877 and had a number of distilling sites in the Cork city area. The distillery used the finest local grown barley and pure water from tributaries of the river Lee to distill world class whiskeys. Paddy's area covered a territory stretching from Youghal to Mallow where he sold the rather unwieldy named "Cork Distilleries Company Old Irish Whiskey".


As Paddy travelled from pub to pub by train and jaunting car, he always drew a crowd, as it became well known that this most generous of fellows would always stand you a round.


This was an ingenious way of ensuring everyone got a taste for the Cork Distillery Co's Old Irish Whiskey and put pressure on the publicans to keep it in stock. When they ran low on stocks, they wrote to the distillery asking for another case of "Paddy Flaherty's whiskey".


The name stuck so much so that in 1912, Cork Distilleries officially changed the name of the whiskey to Paddy Irish Whiskey!


Wine World is proud to offer the original, and two new offshoots, all at a great sale price:


Paddy Irish Whiskey - $23.99 $19.99:  This distinctively rich, golden colored whiskey has fresh and lively aromatics with a complex interplay of nutty malt, woodland fragrances and spice, with hints of honey and vanilla. The taste is soft and mild, with a distinctive mellow maltiness, a touch of sweet oil, spiciness - and again those back notes of honey, vanilla, toasted wood. It finishes with a sweetness gently fading, mellow malt and mild woody notes that pleasingly linger.


Paddy Bee Sting - $23.99 $19.99:  The nectar of the night! Paddy Bee Sting is dripping with real Irish honey flavor and a soft finish. It's the shot that gets things flowing. Get stung by the nectar of the night.


Paddy Devil's Apple - $23.99 $19.99:  One Bad Devil's Apple! Paddy Devil's Apple has a bite that wakes the night with crisp apple flavors and a devilish cinnamon kick. Just one shot can turn a good apple bad.


Pick up one or all three on your next visit! Erin go Bragh!


Paddy Irish Whiskies  


 Only at Wine World!


Amazing New Red


Deux Amis Logo  


Deux Amis Petite Sirah, 2008


Deux Amis, French for "two friends", is a partnership between winemakers Phyllis Zouzounis and Jim Penpraze.


Six years of working together in the wine industry with many a late night relaxing over a glass of Zinfandel after a long day on the crush pad, found the two friends envisioning their own winery. The dream became a reality with the 1987 harvest.


That year, Deux Amis produced one hundred cases of Zinfandel from one vineyard in the Dry Creek Valley. Today, Jim and Phyllis produce over 1500 cases of wine from grapes grown in Sonoma County's Dry Creek and Alexander Valleys.


Deux Amis began by specializing in producing outstanding Zinfandels. It is the varietal that comes with the stamp of Sonoma County firmly imprinted upon it. Their secret was to blend a small amount of Petite Sirah into their Zinfandel for added depth and complexity.


Then in 1995, Deux Amis added Petite Sirah to its bottle offerings. The fruit comes from the Vyborny Vineyard in Alexander Valley. The positive responses of those who sampled this delicious wine from the barrel convinced them to bottle a small amount of Petite Sirah separately.


Wine World has now made this incredibly dense and flavorful wine available to you on our shelves. Here's a brief description of what you expect from it:


2008 Deux Amis "Vyborny Vineyard" Alexander Valley Petite Sirah - $27.99:  This inky wonder offers inviting aromas of smoky oak woven with ripe dark plum, vanilla and just a hint of spice. As the tannins soften and the wine opens, the intense flavors reveal the beauty of this wine. Concentrated dark cherry, boysenberry, blackberry and rhubarb merge with the smoky oak and vanilla notes to create a well integrated and balanced taste sensation in your mouth!


This Petite Sirah presents another option when looking for a robust wine. Try it with hearty fare like beef stew, cassoulet, puttanesca or even a rich chocolate dessert.


Why not pick up a bottle on your next visit?


Only at Wine World!


New from Washington!


  DC Brau Brewing Co.


DC Brau Brewing Company

For those who believe nothing good comes out of Washington D.C. these days, Wine World proudly presents DC Brau!


That's right! The capital of the United States of America now has a beer to call its own!


Brandon Skall and Jeff Hancock, two D.C. residents who, sharing years of experience in both brewing and beverage distribution, decided to join forces to change history!


They wanted to create a brewery whose products would be available in local stores and taps outside of its site of production. That hasn't happened in D.C. in 60 years!


That's why they combined their knowledge and passion to found the DC Brau Brewing Company.


Brewed within the D.C. city limits, this is a beer that represents a delicious and uniquely American blend of North American and European techniques and ingredients. A beer that looks just as inviting in a pint glass as in its handsomely designed can. A beer that pairs just as well with summer's barbecued bounty as with a hearty winter stew.


This is a beer crafted in our nation's capital that reflects the great state of brewing in the United States today!


Today, Wine World is happy to present this trio of their finest on our shelves priced at $11.49/6-pack, and $39.99/Case:


"The Public" Pale Ale :  Brewed in the classic American Pale Ale style, this beer offers assertive bitterness backed by C-60 and Vienna malts which lend notes of rich, yet semi-dry caramel, followed up with a nice white grapefruit and citrus aroma that begs for a follow up sip. 6% ABV.


"The Corruption" India Pale Ale :  DC Brau's take on a Pacific Northwest IPA, this beer straddle's the line between IPA and Imperial IPA. Brewed with Pale 2 row, C-10, Honey and Victory malts, and exclusively hopped with 40 lbs of Columbus hops per batch, it has a supportive malty backbone with an assertive hop presence. 6.5% ABV, 80 IBU's!


"The Citizen" Belgian Style Pale Ale :  Inspired by the timeless Tripel style ales of Belgium, "The Citizen" uses a traditional high gravity "Abbey" yeast strain that encourages the production of highly palatable ethanol notes supported by Aromatic and Carapils malts. It also exhibits the noble hop spiciness that is common to most Belgian Ales. 7% ABV.


Pick up a sixer on your next visit and prove to yourself that good things can still come out of DC!


DC Brau in Cans!   




Take the Heat!


Righteous Felon Jerky Cartel


Righteous Felon Jerky Cartel


This product is pure.  This product is potent.  This product will blow your mind!

Righteous Felon Jerky Cartel specializes in producing and trafficking high-potency beef jerky made with illegal combinations of unique, all-natural ingredients! They like to say it's "Criminally crafted for the unlawful appetite"!


In today's world, it's rare to find a pure jerky product that hasn't been mass produced in a factory and stepped on with preservatives, chemicals, and low-grade ingredients.  At Righteous Felon, things are different.


This is handmade jerky, produced in small batches to ensure freshness, quality, and consistency.


Their recipes are creative and unique, using only the highest quality natural ingredients and great tasting Black Angus Beef that is grown locally at Roseda Beef in Monkton Maryland, without the use of growth hormones or antibiotics. 


"O.G. Hickory" - $7.99:  1/8th pound of the Righteous Felon original recipe.  The classic hickory flavor that started it all:  This O.G. classic hit the streets in '96 and the jerky game hasn't been the same since!


"Che-Potle Guevara" - $7.99:  An old jerky recipe straight out of Cuba, this mild jerky, peppered with chili powders and cumin, is the torch that leads the rebellion against the powerful, plastic purveying Jerky conglomerates that currently control your local truck-stops and convenience store jerky aisles.  This revolution WILL be televised!


"Habanero Escobar" - $7.99:  Pure jerky from the personal stash of Colombia's most notorious felon himself.  After Escobar's death in 1993, large reserves of the potent product were confiscated from the kingpin's Medellin compound. However systemic corruption within the Colombian Task Force caused these reserves to vanish without a trace... until now!


After 2 decades that illicit hickory flavor cut with a dose of all-natural Habanero seasoning has resurfaced - a spicy delicacy for those righteous souls who can take the heat!


So, as you rip open the bag, and the aroma hits your nose, the flavors touch your tongue, the endorphins fire through your brain, and the smile is permanently tattooed on your lips, remember my friend, this cartel's jerky is deadly serious business!

Righteous Felon Jerky


Note:  A portion of every purchase directly supports "The Innocence Project" - a non-profit organization dedicated to exonerating wrongfully convicted individuals through the use of irrefutable DNA evidence.


Amazing New White!


Chateau K  


Chateau K Bergerac Blanc, 2012


These wines are another nod to Brenden! He just keeps finding amazing wines at great prices, and this time he's done it with an amazing white from Bergerac, just east of Bordeaux.


This is the sister wine of one he discovered a little while back, which has been one of his "go to" wines for those who ask for his recommendation for a really nice red wine for a special dinner, or for a guest!


Even though the red is not exactly "new", we thought we'd bring it to everyone's attention, in case you hadn't discovered it yet either!


These wines are made by Katharina Mowinckel, a young Norwegian equestrian who landed in Southwest France and purchased the estate in 2002. She stamped the Chateau with her initial, and never looked back!

Located at one point of the royal wine triangle: Bordeaux vineyards begin a few hundred meters to the West, and the Cote de Duras go rolling off to the South. A terroir enabling her to aim for excellence from the start and Katharina makes no bones about her ambitions.


"My small volume meant that in order to make it, I had to head for the top".


This small estate produces small volume that wins medal after medal, and her wines do not disappoint!


Here is a brief description of the Chateau K wines presently available at Wine World:

2012 Chateau K Bergerac Blanc - $19.99:  This wine is an absolutely lovely blend of 30% each Chateau K White Semillon, Sauvignon Gris, and Sauvignon Blanc, with 10% Muscadelle. As you might expect it shows pale, yellow shades with youthful green reflexes at the rim.


The nose is intense, highly complex and fruity with lemongrass and passion fruit, highlighted by wonderfully floral notes of white acacia delivered by the Muscat component.


Fermented and aged in barrels, the palate takes on a full roundness and delivers a tasty impression of biting into ripe fruit! It finishes with a persistent and flattering note to make the experience fully satisfying.

2011 Chateau K Bergerac Rouge - $27.99:  This "Right Bank" blend of 85% Merlot with 15% Chateau K Red Cabernet Sauvignon was Brenden's initial foray into Chateau K wines. He brought it into the store a few months back, and it has been a non-stop favorite, making us wonder what else they had!


This Bordeaux blend shows a deep and intense ruby color with purple highlights. Like Bergerac's most famous son, Cerano, this wine also has a very big nose! It is full of complex aromas of black fruits and spices. On the palate, the attack is supple with the aromatics carrying over to the taste buds.


Its tannins are relaxed and velvety, leading to a fine and crisp finish that offers a backnote of fruit and oaky vanilla, making it an excellent dinner selection.  

Both of these wines are in stock now, but only in limited quantities.  We don't know how long we will be able to keep them coming, so we suggest you don't delay - pick up your Chateau K today!


Only at Wine World!



Exciting News!


 The Sipping Point


Get to Know "The Wine Coach"


As you may know, Wine World is the proud sponsor of some outstanding radio shows relating to wine that can be heard on WHFC (91.1), WBJC (91.5), and WYPR (88.1).

Today, we are happy to announce we have now joined forces with our good friend Laurie Forster, better known as "The Wine Coach". She has been our guest at the store a few times, as well as attending the HCC Wine Expo as our special guest speaker not long ago, and we have always enjoyed our times together.


She is a certified sommelier and an award winning author. Also her husband is a world class chef, so she knows a bit about the food aspect as well! We find her radio show "The Sipping Point" to be a breath of fresh air in the sometimes stuffy or pretentious arena of talk radio, especially when it comes to the discussion of wines. (We hate that!)


Laurie has a great personality and uses a combination of wit and wisdom in her show. This "coach" has a way of conveying complex subjects and concepts in a clear and practical manner that can really help everyone learn more about wine - and other adult beverages - from every aspect possible. (We love that!)


This makes her a really good fit along with the other fine shows that we underwrite:  "Cellar Notes" with Al Spoler and Hugh Sisson, "Word on Wine" with Jonathan Palevsky and Mary Zajak, and "Wine 101 Radio" with our own Rachel Herron and Michael Cullison!


It has long been our belief that the more you know about your favorite beverages, the better prepared you are to make informed buying decisions, so in an effort to once again do our part, we are happy to welcome "The Sipping Point" to the club!


It airs every Saturday at 12:00 noon on WBAL 1090 AM, and it also streams live on WBAL.Com. We hope you will take the time to get to know her, and we look forward to having her visit us at Wine World in the near future so you can meet her in person. Stay tuned for more information on that!


Meantime, stay well, enjoy your holidays, and come see us at Wine World - your favorite beverage store!



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