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Get Ready for Midnight Madness! 


With Tap Takeovers all Week!


On Tuesday evening, September 30th, after our regular closing at 10 PM, our staff is going to get busy tapping 30 kegs!


We're not planning to hold a "kegger" though... this is in preparation for October 1st - exactly 12:01 AM on October 1st!


That's the precise moment that a new law goes into effect in Harford County that allows retail stores like Wine World to begin selling take-home draught beer in 64 and 32 oz "Growlers"!


Elizabeth has installed 30 taps, and we're going to inaugurate them at the earliest possible moment!  We are excited to invite any and all of you who wish to be part of history in the making to join us for Midnight Madness!


We will stay open filling growlers until 2AM, when by law we must close our doors.  Don't fret if you're not a night owl though, because this is just the beginning.  We will reopen at our normal time Wednesday morning, and keep those taps rolling. And we get to do this forever!!


It also opens the door for another great idea, namely "Tap Takeovers" where various breweries can visit us to take over our growler refill station with their own "guest" beers for the day!


In fact, we've already got tap takeovers scheduled for Oct. 1st, 2nd and 3rd with Yards, DuClaw and Heavy Seas, and others planned throughout the month - each of which will be very special! 


Check our new web page www.YourBeerWorld.com for more information!


That's right! Wine World's beer selection became so large it is now a world of its own!  Be sure to "friend" Beer World to keep abreast of new events as they happen!


So get ready... October 1st is coming up fast!



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