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Brick Oven Pizza Anyone?


Fire and Slice


Presenting Fire and Slice!

OCT 13th and 14th


Who doesn't like brick oven baked breads and pizzas? 


But did you know it's possible to make your own brick oven pizza at home?  It's true, and for those who attend this special event hosted by our friends at the Vandiver Inn, you'll learn just how easy it can be!


It's is actually going to be a 2-part event called "Fire and Slice", and it will be led by a very special guest - renowned bread expert and chef Kathy Lehr. She learned her trade studying under French chef Danielle Forrestier who was herself Julia Child's bread consultant!


Kathy is also a member of the AVPN - Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (True Neapolitan Pizza Association) in Naples, Italy.  The secrets that will be shared at this event will be epic!


Those who attend the first part on Monday evening, October 13th will learn the secret of how to stack 170 ordinary bricks in a special way to create an actual functioning outdoor brick oven! 


No mortar is needed, and no special skills are required - just the ability to stack one brick atop another! We will then make pita bread and Napoletana pizza dough to bake in the oven!


The second part will take place on Tuesday morning when Kathy will present an interactive cooking class!  There is absolutely no better way to learn these skills than alongside a master, and an opportunity like this is a rare event indeed!


Space for this event will be limited, and it will be first come, first served, so don't delay! For more details go to MyWineWorld.com, and to reserve your place(s) for the event(s), simply contact the folks at the Vandiver Inn by calling (800)245-1655.



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